A Personal Example of a Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scam

I’m sharing a personal example of a Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scam in hopes that it will help you fans stay safe!

Example of PCH Scam

Just last week I was contacted by a scammer on Facebook pretending to be Dave Sayer. When I first saw the friend request, I immediately thought it was weird. I’m already friends with Dave on Facebook, I thought. But still, there was Dave’s happy face smiling at me in the profile photo, and for a second, I thought it was real…and I almost accepted.

These scammers are clever. Very clever. They almost fooled me, and I’m a Publishers Clearing House employee and frequent contributor to the blog. I’ve read story after story about these terrible PCH scams. I know the telltale warning signs. But when you’re in the moment, it’s very easy to forget and become overwhelmed by the excitement of it all.

Because that’s the thing — it IS exciting. I mean who wouldn’t feel a little giddy getting a friend request or personal message from one of the Prize Patrol Elite? THEY want to talk to ME? How cool. Especially when it all seems SO legitimate. I mean for starters, it’s Dave’s picture. His official Prize Patrol photo. And on his page are actual Prize Patrol posts. Things you would see or have seen on the official Prize Patrol page.

But what’s important to remember is that these are NOT real Prize Patrol pages, and these scammers are illegally taking these photos and information off the real page. Even though it can seem real or be exciting in the moment, it’s not. It’s a Publishers Clearing House scam, and these people are using the good Publishers Clearing House name to hurt you and go after your hard-earned money.

I’m sharing my personal story with you today in hopes that you all will remember it and not be fooled by these Publishers Clearing House scams. Please, please, please remember to take a minute and really think about what’s happening before you make any moves. And always remember the telltale signs:

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER sends friend requests or private messages on Facebook.

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER contacts winners through Facebook.

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER asks for money. At PCH, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

DON’T FALL FOR THESE SCAMS! Even if a scammer uses what looks like a real Prize Patrol photo, the only real Prize Patrol page is this:

PCH Prize Patrol

Stay safe everyone…and when in doubt, ASK US if you have any questions!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. i got an email they asked for name address age phone number and sex….i will not reply,,,,unless you show up at my door….damn scammers trying to take people for what they work hard for….i sent the info but wont send anymore,,,im mad that people just dont care

  2. I was contacted today via phone #1876-530-0776 stating I won a prize from PCH, a Mr. Washington in fact was to deliver at my door. LOL He did provide me with my address but did not get my name fully right. His phone number came up unavailable so I asked for it, which he provided. A big scam, i told him i would contact PCH myself.

  3. I just got one, and talked to him for a while: Dave Sayerpchelite. He wanted my phone number, which I haven’t provided on the facebook, in order to validate my winnings. I finally told him no, which he responded to with “F*** you!” I replied “I thought so. Have a good day.” By the time I went to delete his friend request, the account had been deleted. Go figure.

  4. I just received one of these. I had been a customer of PCH but could no longer afford the shopping. I will ignore it but I have sent my info already. What should I do if contacted. They wanted my age 75, and my sender. Thank you for the post.

  5. PCHLOTTO 2017….Claims Code..xxxxxxx..,
    To info@pch.org
    Tuesday, March 14, 2017 4:24 PM
    You are the Email Winner of 850,000.00 USD in the recent Publishers Clearing House Lottery.
    Kindly send your contacts to pchlottoclaims@foxmail.com.
    Full Names:
    Residential Address:
    Mr. Todd Sloane

    1. Hello, One of the many great things about PCH is that it’s always free to enter and free to win; you never have to pay to claim a prize. Sadly, there are scammers out there who use our good name and reputation to try to deceive people. Often times these scammers will ask for money to claim your “prize”. If you are ever contacted by a scammer, do not give them any personal information and definitely don’t send them any money. Instead, please report all scam contacts that you receive to us via this link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH I also encourage you to check out these Safety Tips for some great ways to protect yourself from being scammed. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

    2. I received exactly the same email. If you answer, they send another email (supposedly from pch) with instructions to contact Skynet Worldwide Express Service in the United Kingdom England.
      They say Skynet is responsible for delivering the check and you only have to pay a light delivery fee for their service.

      They also ask:
      Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims have been fully processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid multiple claims and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.
      Congratulations once again. Best Regards,
      Mr. Todd Sloane
      Claims & Remittance Director
      Publishers Clearing House THIS IS THE END OF THE LETTER THEY EMAIL.

    3. Almost certainly a scam! One thing to remember is that if you were to legitimately win a prize from Publishers Clearing House, especially an amount of that size, would be that the PCH Prize Patrol WOULD endeavor to locate you to present your winnings to you in person, after checking on their end to actually verify that you were the prize recipient. And it would not matter if you were at home, work, etc.; if you won, they would go out of their way to find you.

  6. On March 11, 2017 at 10:37p.m. I was contacted via email by a Todd Sloan asking for Name, address, telephone, age, and sex. as winner of $850,000, as the PCH Lottery Email winner. Is this a scam?

  7. Hello, I have been contacted twice via Facebook. First one was name Danielle lamm saying I won a vehicle, TV and 10,000 dollars believed until she wanted me to send 399 for taxes on the vehicle and tonight a some named Shirley white had requested on Facebook. Than said I won 1,000,000 dollars, plus 10,000 bonus money and 50,000 amazon card. She told me not tell anyone or I would lose all the money and would be taken out of the system forever.