A Personal Example of a Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scam

I’m sharing a personal example of a Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Scam in hopes that it will help you fans stay safe!

Example of PCH Scam

Just last week I was contacted by a scammer on Facebook pretending to be Dave Sayer. When I first saw the friend request, I immediately thought it was weird. I’m already friends with Dave on Facebook, I thought. But still, there was Dave’s happy face smiling at me in the profile photo, and for a second, I thought it was real…and I almost accepted.

These scammers are clever. Very clever. They almost fooled me, and I’m a Publishers Clearing House employee and frequent contributor to the blog. I’ve read story after story about these terrible PCH scams. I know the telltale warning signs. But when you’re in the moment, it’s very easy to forget and become overwhelmed by the excitement of it all.

Because that’s the thing — it IS exciting. I mean who wouldn’t feel a little giddy getting a friend request or personal message from one of the Prize Patrol Elite? THEY want to talk to ME? How cool. Especially when it all seems SO legitimate. I mean for starters, it’s Dave’s picture. His official Prize Patrol photo. And on his page are actual Prize Patrol posts. Things you would see or have seen on the official Prize Patrol page.

But what’s important to remember is that these are NOT real Prize Patrol pages, and these scammers are illegally taking these photos and information off the real page. Even though it can seem real or be exciting in the moment, it’s not. It’s a Publishers Clearing House scam, and these people are using the good Publishers Clearing House name to hurt you and go after your hard-earned money.

I’m sharing my personal story with you today in hopes that you all will remember it and not be fooled by these Publishers Clearing House scams. Please, please, please remember to take a minute and really think about what’s happening before you make any moves. And always remember the telltale signs:

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER sends friend requests or private messages on Facebook.

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER contacts winners through Facebook.

• The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER asks for money. At PCH, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

DON’T FALL FOR THESE SCAMS! Even if a scammer uses what looks like a real Prize Patrol photo, the only real Prize Patrol page is this:

PCH Prize Patrol

Stay safe everyone…and when in doubt, ASK US if you have any questions!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. Hello,
    I received an email from a woman named Allegra Perez from the law firm, Haight Brown and Bonesteel LLP.
    They did not ask for anything, just that I needed to contact them via email.
    Seemed very legit,
    Thank you
    Tammy Baker

    1. Hello Doran, that is not the real PCH calling you; it’s a scammer that’s only pretending to be from PCH. Please do not call that number, do not give the scammer any personal info including bank account information, and definitely do not send them any money if they ask. If you haven’t already done so, please report that scam contact to us via the following link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. I encourage you to read these Safety Tips too: http://bit.ly/PCH-Safety-Tips. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

    1. Hello Doran, thank you very much for reporting the scammers that have contacted you. Stopping them is a team effort and we are happy that you are doing your part. While it may be tempting, we don’t encourage you to interact with them any more than is minimally necessary. Simply tell them that you know they’re not the real PCH and hang up or disconnect your mode of contact with them. To stop scammers from contacting you on Facebook, check out this PCH Blog article: http://bit.ly/StopFBScammers. As a reminder, you can report scammers to PCH at this link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. Be careful and stay safe everyone!!

  2. My name is Margaret Hill. I received a call from someone claiming to be from the attorneys for PCH stating they wanted to deliver a 500,000 check to me at home on Monday Jan 30th between 9:00 am & 11:00 am.
    Is this legitimate?

  3. My experience is also a scam. If you get a phone call from someone saying they are from Publishers Clearing house
    (Mike Washington) was the mans name who contacted me. He stated i needed to go to Walmart an get my prize registered an for a small fee of $499.00 to register my prize. Then FedEx will meet me at my home with my big check. I took my phone this person stayed on the line while i got dressed an drove 16 miles to walmart an then told me what to do when i got there. I was saposed to go get a Playstation gift card for $499.00 an then tell him when im through. I put my phone on mute an took it to the closest key person at Wal-Mart an she told me it was a scam an to tell them im going to report them because they dont do this to people or even charge for a prize an i was hung up on. So beware the scammers are very real an trying very hard to rip us people off who are in hopes to win a prize an instead try to take our money!!! Its a sad fact. So good luck everyone an be safe!!

  4. I also received a call from Jack Finley claiming to be from PCH. That I won $250,000 in cash and a pearl white 2017 Mercedes, he said the Mercedes was on a flat bed truck and that ups will be delivering the cash, he also said that everything was tax free. He asked if there was a safe in my house for the cash, I told him since was from PCH he would have all the proper documentation. He asked me to call him back. First I reported him on the scam site and then I called and received voicemail, I did not leave a message. He called back, I told him he was a scam and have already reported his number to PCH.

    1. Hello Zita, We’re sorry to hear that you were contacted by someone claiming to be from the real PCH. We take the issue of scams very seriously and we strive to educate our consumers on what to watch for and how to protect themselves. We regularly post links to our PCH Fan Page with valuable information for our fans. Here’s one of those links that I encourage you to take a look at: http://bit.ly/PCHConsumerProtection Since scammers are sneaky and many of them are overseas, it’s not always easy to catch them. We feel that it’s a “team-effort” to try to stop them which is why we ask that you report all scam contacts to us here: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH Be careful and stay safe everyone!