Where Do YOU Hope The PCH Prize Patrol Goes On August 29?

Where do you hope the Prize Patrol goes on August 29?

Hi blog readers!

It’s me again! Now that the entries for the “Forever” Prize are all in, the PCH Prize Patrol is gearing up for the big award on August 29th! We absolutely cannot wait to “crown” someone out there – possibly even one of you – the next “Forever” Prize winner!

There’s just one thing I want to know…where do YOU want the Prize Patrol to go for the big prize? Remember, if you win, you’d receive $5,000 a week for your life, PLUS after that, those $5,000 a week payments would continue for the life of someone special you choose! We’re DEFINITELY giving away $5,000 a week “Forever”!

So tell me…should we head North, South, East or West? Should we drive, fly, or take a train? Comment below and let us know the CITY and STATE where we should bring the Big Check on August 29th!



Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

527 thoughts on “Where Do YOU Hope The PCH Prize Patrol Goes On August 29?”

  1. rosa gonzalez says:

    i hope pch will come to wilmington ca and knock on my door. i think im day dreaming..

  2. Sarah says:

    I hope they come to Sioux City, IA. I’d love to win so I could pay it forward and give back! Woohoo:)

  3. I hope pch comes to 414 E MICHIGAN DR TUCSON I never win anything it wld be dream come true

  4. Orlando Cowan says:

    At 1423 Grady Hall Rd in Anderson SC 29626

  5. Orlando Cowan says:

    Hi Danielle will I hope the prize patrol will be at 1423 Grady Hall Rd in Anderson on August 28 I hope to see you guys soon may God bless you all thanks

  6. William Lee says:

    I hope that the PCH Crew knocks on my door, I do believe we can show them the true meaning of southern hospitality.. I do know that my wife and I , (well I guess I need to add the dogs) would be glad to greet y’all in true southern style hospitality

  7. Craig McClain says:

    If I win I will take care of the needs of my family, friends, & donate to my favorite charities.

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