Where Do YOU Hope The PCH Prize Patrol Goes On August 29?

Where do you hope the Prize Patrol goes on August 29?

Hi blog readers!

It’s me again! Now that the entries for the “Forever” Prize are all in, the PCH Prize Patrol is gearing up for the big award on August 29th! We absolutely cannot wait to “crown” someone out there – possibly even one of you – the next “Forever” Prize winner!

There’s just one thing I want to know…where do YOU want the Prize Patrol to go for the big prize? Remember, if you win, you’d receive $5,000 a week for your life, PLUS after that, those $5,000 a week payments would continue for the life of someone special you choose! We’re DEFINITELY giving away $5,000 a week “Forever”!

So tell me…should we head North, South, East or West? Should we drive, fly, or take a train? Comment below and let us know the CITY and STATE where we should bring the Big Check on August 29th!



Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

591 thoughts on “Where Do YOU Hope The PCH Prize Patrol Goes On August 29?”

  1. Nina Englemon says:

    It would be a blessing if you all came to Cincinnati, Ohio. My PCH family could drive,but flying would get you here faster to enjoy this beautiful weather.

  2. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    It would be a pleasure to see you guys down here in Ocala, Florida! Praying that it could be me! God bless!

  3. maria estrella baccay platecki says:

    this amazing,awesome and fantastic good blessing please come to rolling meadows,illinois.good luck everyone and god bless you all

  4. Kristen dixon says:

    Pleasant hope mo thats where you need to show up at! Please oh please!

  5. Well I anticipate that the PCH prize patrol would come to West Des Moines, IA at my door to hand me the prize. For the facts that my birthday is August 29th will just make my day a blessing from the Almighty God. In God I trust!

  6. Joyce Earl says:

    Would be really great if the pch prize patrol would come to Florence, South Carolina. How Blessed it would be for the Earl Family. One can only pray for this awesome this would be.

  7. David Faas says:

    Hi Danielle Lam,I hope to see you on 8/29.You are Such a beautiful Lady.

    I’ve Just been fixated on this Song by Waylon Jennings “The Dream”It’s on @Youtube.It’s one of his last songs or thy Last Song!

    And my thoughts were of finally meeting the Prize Patrol here in Duluth,Minnesota!!!

    I hope!

    God bless,, Mr.David Faas Duluth,Minnesota USA

  8. brian says:

    north MI sandusky in the thumb OYEAH!!!!!!!!!

  9. My own house, in Fairfax, Virginia too!! We will have breakfast, lunch, & dinner at a sit down restaurant called IHOP a.k.a. I.H.O.P. !!!

  10. Adriana Castro says:

    My house, in Gaston, SC!! We will have cup cakes ready!!!

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