40 thoughts on “GoodLuckFromThePrizePatrol”

  1. kim king says:

    This is kimsboys284 Kim Nick Clay ready to find out the winner

  2. Ted Foster says:

    I have been playing and responding for 30 years and I am running out of time. I hope I can win soon ! I have been a good customer too been buying lots of stuff. May God Bless you and keep you safe in all your travels. Ted

  3. Dear Publisher Clearing House My name is Barbara I would love to be a winner Are $10,000Are $5,000 a week for life It’s one of the lesson When can pay off all my debt Want to pay off all my debts And help me getting home. Some place to call my own I know we’re back in and it again And help my family That will be the happiest day of my life I just keep praying Because I know its more than me That need help I’m not a selfish person I think of others before myself I have a big heart But I would like to be a woman Thank You PCH For all the wonderful things You Have done for people For so many years God bless you all. Good luck to us we’re still waiting. PS hope to hear from you soon Bobby Brown Number3080-1830. God bless a song

  4. kim king says:


  5. kim king says:

    God bless you this morning.

  6. kim king says:

    Good luck God bless and be careful Prize Patrol

  7. kim king says:

    Gods Blessings to all!!!

  8. kim king says:

    Good Luck and God Bless you,everyone.

  9. kim king says:

    Good luck fans

  10. kim king says:

    Kim king said update your blog. We need to be more involved in PCH.

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