Dorothy Brings You Back to School Ideas for Breakfast!

Turn up the heat on back to school cookin’ with the 5-Piece Fruit Design Glass Bowls and Perfect Batter Pourer!

Hey Blog Readers,

It’s that time again. Time for kids to hit the books and for us grownups to start planning for busy mornings!  That’s why I knew I had to reach out to you with my special back to school ideas for breakfast using some of my favorite PCH Products — The 5-Piece Fruit Design Glass Bowls and the Perfect Batter Pourer.


Now, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  That’s why I make sure to plan something that’s going to fill my family for hours without weighing them down — and one of my favorite back to school ideas for breakfast is whole wheat blueberry pancakes.  Take a look at the video below — and keep reading for my special time-saving tip!

Did you see how easy it was to prepare everything the night before with the Fruit Design Glass Bowls?  I had enough bowls for all my ingredients AND they’re so pretty I can use them to put extra fresh fruit and homemade syrup out on the table!


And as for my special tip — if you have a Perfect Batter Pourer already at home, or if you get one from us at PCH, this handy kitchen miracle is not only perfect for pancakes — it can also be used for muffins, too — saving you time and giving you accuracy so you don’t drip all over the muffin cups!


It’s the neat, easy way to make muffins you can enjoy all week long  — and if you have to eat on the go like me they’re the perfect “fast food” solution!


So check out the 5-Piece Fruit Design Glass Bowls (Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set FREE) and the Perfect Batter Pourer (Save Over 35% – Similar Items Sell Elsewhere for $24.95) — both available toward the bottom of Page 3 (If you haven’t already registered you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all of our exciting offers) — and let me know all about your favorite back to school ideas below!

Happy Baking!

Dorothy Stevens
PCH Cook & Food Stylist

20 thoughts on “Dorothy Brings You Back to School Ideas for Breakfast!”

  1. Wilensky Saintil says:

    Great to be a PCH fan. Wishing everyone a safe back to school week. Get school supplies and back packs ready. A great way to kick off your new school year is to be focused prepared and ready to learn… Enjoy.

  2. susan varughese says:

    my favorite back to school recipes is cookies and a lot of them. I am praying and hoping i will be the winner on Thursday… Good luck everyone. Happy Tuesday. God bless.

  3. Jamie Sharb says:

    Thank you Dorothy for the great ideas for making breakfast for my two boys before they go to school. I would really enjoy using the Perfect Batter Pourer to fill my boys bellies before having a long day at school. My boys are picky eaters and always seem to want something that is time consuming and this would be great to make pancakes with blueberries and or chocolate chips in them. I know they would love to help me make pancakes which is always something mommy loves. Help from my little guys and they get their bellies full for breakfast! I want to check on the price on this product and try to buy one when I get the extra money. I know prices at Publishers Clearing House is affordable and I can order now and pay later but I don’t want to order one now and not have money to send them when it is due. I love this product and enjoyed watching your video Dorothy Stevens. Thank you for the back to school breakfast ideas I can’t wait to try it out for myself. And I can’t wait to get help from my little helpers ( my two wonderful boys) Hunter 11 years old and Jayson 9 years old.
    Have a blessed night Dorothy.And Good night to all.

  4. Sara Thornton says:

    Not only are the bowls beautiful but I really like her shoes. They look comfy!

    Thank you PCH for allowing us to enter daily into your many sweepstakes.
    We are very fortunate that we have these and we very much appreciate your generosity.

    With much gratitude,

  5. gina castanza says:

    The bowls are super pretty and great to use for prepping foods. I have two sets. Was a buy one get one free special. Was eying them long time.

  6. Holly Messinese says:

    They are very nice.

  7. David Faas says:

    Well if I become the Newest PCH Millionaire on 8/29.I may take a few College Courses I like geology, Which is,If you want to look for life,Geology is the Place to start.
    Also,I Just been listening to,More than this from 1982 by Roxy Music.Now Thats Quality Music!!!

    I hope to see the Prize Patrol on 8/29.

    God bless,Mr.David Faas Duluth, Minnesota. USA

  8. cristial satterwhite says:

    yes i’m excited About the 29th and thanks i need the luck!Good luck in french is Bonne Chance!!!!!Buena Suerte! in spanish!!!

  9. Theresa Baichan says:

    Ah yes, I have these bowls, what a great addition to add in the kitchen. I use them for serving fresh fruit to the kids, mixing eggs, and as a side bowl for recipes. They come in handy all the time. Love BOGO deals. Thanks PCH

  10. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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