Looking Forward To Even More Winning Ahead At PCH!

Hey PCH Fans!

I want to kick off this very special blog by sending a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our second “Forever” Prize Winner, MICHAEL MILLER from MORO, ILLINOIS!

Michael Miller

What an honor to be awarded such an amazing prize! I sincerely wish you the best of luck with all of the new opportunities in your life!

And for everyone else, I have exciting news to share! Even though the “Forever” prize has been awarded, there are still SO many more PCH prizes to be won!

And REALLY BIG prizes at that! I couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new “SET FOR LIFE” Prize — $7,000.00 A Week FOR LIFE! Yes, SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You can see why we call it the “Set for Life” prize, right?  I mean it’s the largest weekly lifetime prize we’ve ever offered! WOW!

7K A Week For Life

Imagine what receiving a check for $7,000 every single week would do for you! The possibilities are endless! If I were the winner of this mind-blowing prize, I would spend the money traveling to every country in the world. I’m sure you too are already thinking of all the ways you could spend that money! Week, after week, after week, your bank account would continue to grow! If you want to win, be sure to enter today and every day!

And as if that wasn’t enough, THERE’S MORE! Coming up in less than a month is our 25th PRIZE PATROL ANNIVERSARY PRIZE! That’s right, the Prize Patrol has been around for 25 years and what better way to celebrate than with $10,000 CASH! This prize will be awarded on September 18th, so be sure you enter as often as you can!

And remember, there are winning opportunities EVERY SINGLE DAY on PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto, PCHSlots and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook — so keep playing for your chance to win!

I told you there was A LOT more winning to look forward to! Which prize are YOU looking forward to most? We can’t wait for them all!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

112 thoughts on “Looking Forward To Even More Winning Ahead At PCH!”

  1. carolinejinks says:

    I would love to win 7,000.00 a week for life gwy no 3080 my family and I really need the money

  2. Jeanne' Miller says:

    There’s always so much more to Winning Prizes & Cash to look forward from PCH. That’s not even to mention the fun & all the new stuff they have coming up, just wait until you see what’s next !! Bet you have no Idea……..

  3. Lorraine Hamlyn says:

    Congratulations Sir,
    Its always a good feeling when the prize goes to someone who really needs it.Take care with the prize wisely.God Bless you,Trusting my turn is coming soon.
    Kind regards

  4. Kevin Chapman says:

    add your comment here

  5. Kevin Chapman says:

    Dreaming of the big day coming!

  6. antonia g.fernandez says:

    Hi Pch i do want to win big I’ve been praying everyday
    And just to let you know i still have faith in me and i really need it so bad for me and my kids and also my dream to help others that needs help .so Pch wish me luck on the 30th of this month to become a winner.

  7. it would be a dream that came true

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