Want to Know Who Actually Wins With Publishers Clearing House?

Lots of people actually win with Publishers Clearing House! And not just the big SuperPrizes – take a look at this month’s pch.com Redemption Center winners!

Hello PCH friends!

Today we celebrate our lucky, dedicated fans who believe in winning with Publishers Clearing House!  I’m here to share with you this past month’s PCH.com Redemption Center winners and all of the great prizes they won!  Let’s give them the recognition they deserve:

Gerald C. of Belfast, ME won an iPod Shuffle ($49 cash value)
Jim D. of Sacramento, CA won a $50 McDonald’s Gift Card
Sara P. Of West Valley City, UT won a $100 Walmart Gift Card
Nancy R. of Harvard, IL won 150,000 Tokens
Wanda D. of Bardstown, KY won a $75 Amazon Gift Card
Ricky F. of Franklin, TN won a $500 Walmart Gift Card
Jeanne H. of Virginia Beach, VA won a $50 Walmart Gift Card
Carol G. of Topeka, KS won a $50 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card
Jody H. of Springfield, MO won a $50 iTunes Gift Card
William L. of Peoria, IL won a $50 Domino’s Gift Card
Michael A. of West Palm Beach, FL won a $100 Home Depot Gift Card
Mary G. of Miami, FL won a $100 Kohls Gift Card
Mary W. of Desloge, MO won a Kindle Fire Tablet ($243.99 cash value)
Ervin A. of Jersey City, NJ won a  Samsung Galaxy Tablet ($449.99 cash value)
Chanteil B. of Redford, MI won $100 Cash
Shadarrald G. of Pensacola, FL won $500 Cash
Michael K. of Overland Park, KS won $50 Cash
Norma H. of Bedford, IN won a Brita Pitcher with Filtration ($23.96 cash value)
Arthur G. of Glen Gardner, NJ won a Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven ($54.99 cash value)
Mary S. of Virginia Beach, VA won a Cuisinart 10-piece Cookware Set ($159.95 cash value)
Georgann K. of Tampa, FL won a LG 32″ HDTV ($549.99 cash value)
Deborah P. of Yarmouth Port, MA won a Inspiron Laptop Computer ($699.99 cash value)

What a bunch of lucky people!  They are pretty smart too — they took a few moments from their day to earn tokens at PCH.com and redeemed them for a shot at these wonderful prizes!

And the prizes at the PCH.com Redemption Center really are wonderful!  Your PCH tokens can be redeemed for a chance to win gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, a 32″ LG LCD TV or even CASH!

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to gather these valuable tokens:

First off, you must be registered with PCH.com.  You’ll get 1,000 tokens just for signing up! After that, the real fun begins…

Start off with entering PCH Sweepstakes. You get a different amount of tokens for each one you enter! (Personally, I would enter them all!)

Then the best part – the games!  Head to the Instant Win section of PCH.com and play fun games like Cash Ringer, Ping Pong Payout and Bull’s Eye Bucks.  Another great thing to check out is Scratch Card Central.  These fun scratch cards give you 5 chances to instantly win and rack up tokens!

By far the coolest thing about accumulating tokens at PCH.com is that each time you play a game or scratch a card, you’re giving yourself a chance to win cash or prizes instantly!

If I haven’t convinced you by now, check out the PCH.com Redemption Center for yourself and see all of the great prizes we have in store this month.  I guarantee you’ll want to start playing games and earning tokens so YOU can become one of our next Redemption Center winners!

Have fun and keep playing!

Genevieve P.
Social Media Intern

P.S. Are you an avid PCHGamer who wants to win instant cash and tokens? Check out today’s Play&Win blog and nominate yourself to become our first-ever Fan of the Month! Remember, cash and tokens are up for grabs!


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39 thoughts on “Want to Know Who Actually Wins With Publishers Clearing House?”

  1. U play u dont buy alot u cant win they want bessnes if dont have visa u dont have chance…it true im done….

  2. shadarrald says:

    i’m so happy i see my name i won i’m praying to GOD that i win again but more money me and my family needs it please pch make me a winner i have so much faith in you. it’s a lot of people on pch that does not desire winning that have it going on and have money

  3. sandra sherman says:

    i spent 9 million tokens to win a fifty dollar gift card from wal mart so what is up with that im going to quit playing highly disappointed

  4. I would like to win because I’m trying to care for my elderly parents, my husband also whom was in bad accident and came out of a comma after 6 months and will never be the came out a different man…..
    I also am trying to do all this after 8 back surgeries, last one failed and so much residual left over from the surgeries, I know where a pain pump and under the care of my pain Dr.
    We are doing the best we can helping each other and winning something like this could
    and would help us in so many ways , staying positive through all this has been a challenge yet where one cannot do the other does so we care for each other this way and winning something like this we could afford outside help ….
    We are family trying day to day, one step at a time….
    All that matters we are a family that could use a helping hand to handle Life coming at us very, very fast….
    Thank you and hope I didn’t bore you: Sharon L Moore & family

  5. francheska says:

    of all those wins you posted, sure didn’t see any $5000.00 aweek, millions, life changing notices.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I would like to win so I can do more philantrophy.

  7. John says:

    I want to win so I can do more things for my familys

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