How The PCH Prize Patrol Travels With The Big Check!

Danielle and Lucky

Hey PCH fans!

Have you ever wondered how the PCH Prize Patrol travels with that BIG Check to our winners? If you have, you’re in luck! I recently had the chance to catch up with PCH Prize Patrol Elite’s lovely Danielle Lam to talk about her experiences traveling with the Big Check! Let’s see what she had to say…

Christa: Hi Danielle! What I really want to know is…what’s it like traveling with the Big Check?

Danielle: It’s an experience, that’s for sure. The Big Check is…well…BIG!  Since we don’t “check” the check because we don’t want it to get ruined, we have to find ways to fit it on the plane. Most planes don’t have a large closet in the front so we have to squeeze it into funny places. Once in a while if there’s room on the plane, the Big Check even gets its own seat!

Danielle on Plane

Christa: Where is the oddest place you’ve stored the Big Check on a plane?

Danielle: We’ve stored it in the flight attendants closet, behind the seats in the last row, and even next to our own seats covering the window! 

Christa: Have you ever not been able to bring the check with you?

Danielle: Nope! We always make it work. It wouldn’t be a Prize Patrol award without it!

Christa: Do you have any funny stories about traveling with the Big Check?

Danielle: I can’t tell you how many times we have gotten stopped at security and been questioned about “what’s in the brown envelope”? The look on the TSA agent’s faces when they find out what it is is priceless!

I hope you guys have learned some cool stuff about the behind the scenes journey of the famous PCH Big Check. Have no fear, the check is ALWAYS in great hands with the Prize Patrol Elite! Remember everyone, if you want to see the Big Check arrive at your door one day, keep entering to win at

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Do you have any other questions about the Big Check or anything else that you want to ask our Prize Patrol? Comment below and let us know.

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60 thoughts on “How The PCH Prize Patrol Travels With The Big Check!”

  1. My family would be so blessed to win the whole thing. It would help my family ,family. And church and friends. And be able to help people out. It would be a great w at blessing to live life without so my heartache and struggling. And not have to worry daily so much anymore. Thank you so much PCH .from helping in changing people’s lives. All the time. Y’all are a blessing to so many people. Keep on trucking on. and safe trips and blessed Lives to the PCH family of the company.god bless you all. God is good all the time. And blessed us all with you all PCH family. Good luck everyone.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I want to win!

  3. Hugo cendejas says:

    I like and I want know you guys for real

  4. JERRY GIBSON says:

    I can hardly stand the wait until I win the BIG CHECK ON OCT. 9TH. JERRY GIBSON

  5. I say yes to the big check yes , yes, yes!

  6. Well I hope is my yutns soon I been entering everydsy and I didn.t ein yet but I neber give up I going keep trying to I win I feel why give up keep trying because you never know what voyld happen so I am entering everyday to ky day come true that my dream to win the pch I am a winner .

  7. Dawn Peevey says:

    I have always wondered: when winner goes to the bank to deposit the check, do they really stamp it thru, or do you have the funds transfered electronically into their bank account an have the bank stamp the check paid in full???

  8. rondaellman says:

    Funny to hear the” check” sometimes has it’s own seat :) It wouldn’t be the same without having you carrying the big check. That is the a part of PCH legacy. It was fun to read. Thanks for sharing. I pray you come to my house next !

  9. the searching really got bad the other day ..and i when to sleep crying . alot of i guess wire were so much.crossing” ending with two other players on my game ;; when tracking;;;; oh well im ok ;;; but i kept seeing all three of your smiling face OF MY PCH FAMILY…; finally sleep some;;;; i want to win ;;;; but to all the other beautiful people GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO”” FAITH …… AND BELIEVE……

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