Millions of TV viewers are tuning in to the suspenseful final episodes of “Breaking Bad”, the AMC series that has lots of people talking.  They want to see how the story of high school science teacher-turned crystal meth “cooker” will turn out.  Will all the trouble that Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, has gone through to provide financial security for his family be worth it?

As Publishers Clearing House blog readers, you all know that you can pursue a totally innocent and safe route to financial health by entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  If you won a prize worth millions of dollars from PCH, you would be “set for life.”  And you could retire to whatever lifestyle you choose (rather than risking a long-term prison sentence like Walter).

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes are FREE to enter

There’s another aspect of the PCH Sweepstakes that is totally safe.  Entering our contest and winning a life-changing prize is absolutely free.  You can read all about that in our “Sweepstakes Facts” and Official Rules, and – trust me — it’s a good thing to be informed.  That way you will not be taken-in by scam operators out there who contact consumers and tell them they have won a large sum of money but first have to pay a “processing fee” or “pre-pay taxes.” We don’t want you to be duped by these frauds.  Remember, you do not have to pay anything or purchase anything to enter or win a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House.  Each of the “winning moments” you see in our PCH TV ads is what has actually happened at the winner’s door:  The Prize Patrol arrives with roses, balloons and awards a Big Check as the video-camera rolls. It’s as simple as that.

So enjoy your favorite TV shows – many of which (let’s face it) involve crime.  But you need not engage in such activity to enjoy financial health.  I have been present at hundreds of Publishers Clearing House “winning moments” and know that there is a safer, happier alternative.

Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day at pch.com, and good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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Jamie Sharb said...

I have never watched the show but it does sound interesting. I would love to win from Publishers Clearing House so I could secure financial health and secure my families futures. If I won Publishers Clearing House I definitely wouldn’t win because of crime it would be because I enter every day at PCH.com like clock work. I hope you all have a great time entering today I know I sure will. I love Publishers Clearing House! Maybe today will be me and my families lucky day because me and my husband has been together for 16 years today. We started dating at 15 and 16 and now 31 and 32 and hoping to live life with many less stresses if we ever win PCH. :)

Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said…
Hey Guys!!!!! I hoping to be the one PCH comes to my door, and bring the Big Check of a million dollar The Prize Patrol number 3080.Thanks Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

Nettie Jenkins said...

Well said Dave….You mentioned T.V. and Crime Dramas …That’s why I stopped subscribing to television . Hit so close to home. And I found other things to do with my time like entering, entering, entering ! (Smiles) !
Nettie Jenkins
PCH Super Fan #1 That’s Me

David Faas said...

Hi,Well I hope you can trust me,When I say,That illegal Substances have never appealed to Me.
Although,I enjoy the Show Breaking Bad,A Southern term Actually.
I have seen people hooked on Illegal Substances & I believe that Criminals are involved.
Alot of neighborhood breakins are in fact drug related.

Its been kind of an introspection of Mine to get a better understanding of it all.
Some,People have this idiotic view that if they are involved in
Participating in such a ruining behavior,then everyone must be
Involved.Thats a bit nuts.

But for all you PCHFans out there,,Just as Nancy Reagan once
Said,Just say NO to Drugs.
Because illegal drugs can change a persons behavior!!!

Or should I say,Cognitive Pattern of behavior!!!

And perhaps For Some,Depression can play into it because when some is depressed,that can change a persons Context on life & depression is also Anger.

God bless,Mr.David Faas Duluth, Minnesota USA

Keeper of the Birds said...

This is All Y’alls Anniversary week. You have so much to be proud of…each one of you. I love that you are also willing to share a bit about yourselves on the blogs and facebook pages you each have. I love learning and Pch Search&Win i really do use as part of my morning physical therapy and as a way to check ‘what condition, my condition is in’ as the saying goes. But I want to take a moment since there is no question today( but lots of informative links the rest of y’all really should click all of them to see where they lead, just sayin’) to Thank PCH for giving me a hopeful way to not only check myself but maybe change this lot in life…..i can relate to Walter in so many ways on Breaking Bad. like doing the dance as i choose to call it, with cancer. The tough choices that have to get made when your ill and still have children at home. But personally I always tried to live by the spiritual principals I believe in and the more i learn the more those expand. Like pieces of a puzzle coming together. I have had many health issues all my life, if i woke up and was not in pain….well i would think i made the journey…but I get up grateful and remind myself if i woke up it really is all gravy after that….and do my part….the footwork and let this Creator of my own misunderstanding do the results…somehow God had many great folks cross my path at just the right time. I remember that friendship even across the mile is important as family especially when you have shared one of your pieces of the puzzle with them and they have shared one of their Pieces with you. Thank you for helping me unbeknownst to you for many many years with doses of HOPE and now with all the blogs and all the places to play and enter, online…the Hope is almost on demand for me whenever and wherever I come visit #PCH. You beat luminosity hands down cuz of that HOPE. For that THANK ALL Y”ALL.

Michaela G. said...

Well Dave, I have never watched that TV show “Breaking Bad”, and I do not think I will ever watch that TV show, it is all so very sad and I feel that it sends the wrong message and I like the message PCH sends out instead that it is safe in entering PCH.

I love all what you said about the feeling “SET FOR LIFE” if you were to win one of these wonderful gifts from PCH for 10 Million, $7,000.00 A Week for LIFE, $5,000.00 A Week for Life, or even the 1 Million Every Year for LIFE or any of the many other great contests from PCH.

We are watching Giada Del Laurentiis TV show and she is in Rome eating the best food, I’m now getting so very hungry just thinking about all that great food!!! So, I think I will add this one to my list of things that I will do if I ever win MEGA SUPER BIG from PCH, I would love to have a second honeymoon to Rome, Italy if I were to ever win one of these wonderful MEGA gifts from PCH!!!

Well, thanks again Dave and I hope you are having a wonderful work week!!!

Aicha said...

I believe on you pch I hoppe to be the Nexte winner I entre every day

Stancio Butler said...

I believe that at PCH, the winning for just my $10,000,000.00 prize is always free every day so I don’t have to pay to claim a prize at all!!!

Stancio Butler
PCH Customer

Justin Thornton said...

Dear PCH,
Thank you for making it possible for us to enter daily for free. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there and so glad PCH is true to their word. I know this for sure because I won a Kindle Fire from you all about a year ago. I was so happy!

Here’s to hoping I become a major super prize winner!


linda said...

what to see all your face at mt door with#3080. Hope to see ya!

Brenda said...

Good read. I like the show breaking bad, sad to see it go. AMC has surprised me with how good there TV shows are. The walking dead, Hell on whells,Breaking bad. Never thought I’d watch a lot of AMC. They really came up. Well I’m off to start my daily sweeping on pch.com. Thank you guys.

((((Lets Go Lucky Illinois))))

Dee Dee said...

I am entering Dave and hope to see the Prize Patrol at my house soon. Have a nice day.

dariush maryamian said...

i am entering hopefull u soon y see

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! Never saw the show though a lot of my favorites are crime shows..Bones, Criminal Minds… Don’t believe in drugs, and I don’t believe in getting “rich” the wrong way. Remember when the woman spilled hot coffee on herself, and won the lawsuit. Coffee was spilled on one of my kids when she was little at a well known restaurant. She was fine, and it was an accident, but if I wanted I could have been rich at that time… I’ll stick to entering and being able to face myself at the end of the day. And don’t worry about the scammers with me, it’s not in my budget to give away money.

Amanda Fuller said...

Love the show & watched EVERY episode so far such a great suspenseful show if you as me! I would love to be able to spend the rest of my life the way i want to that’s for sure & willing would be more than you could know for me! I want to do so much & with mental health issues it is hard for me i want to work but i can’t it’s very depressing for me & entering your sweepstake makes me happy even if i haven’t won yet i just wait patiently for my turn & hope it will be soon! I ALWAYS ready my stuff for you all & i enter EVERYDAY this time i hope pays off & you come to my home in Rockford, TN surprise my family with a life changing prize it would make me so happy! :) Thanks PCH & look forward to seeing you really hoping you will come to me!

dwayne dixon said...

i hpoe i will be the big check winner today and i want be the won for 9/18/13 to win $10,000,000.00
i just won the big superprize from publishers cleaing house! now i know it’s real! !

Yvette Cabiness said...

Hi Dave, I 2 letters in the mail and 2 facebook invites, but of course I knew better. I’ve been a part of PCH for many, many years. I’m 59 and more active now than I’ve ever been, I workout 3or 4 times a week at the YWCA and yes started taking swimming lesion :). Now the only thing that would make life a little better is a Big Check from PCH, then I would of course retire and go back to school and start an Non profit, also get my Dream house that I drive by and look at weekly.Really guys , God Bless you all and take care

Glen Seabaugh said...

Iget so tired of getting enails telling me if I don’t answer the email Iwill forfeit my entry . I’m sick of seeing these emails loading up my inbox! I was under the impression that I only had to enter once !!! I entered your contest now quit bugging me!Quit threatening that I’lllose my entry!! From this experience with pch , I will NEVER purchase anything from you!!!!!

susan varughese said...

i believe in PCH so much that i enter everyday and Mr. Dave i never watched the TV show “breaking Bad”, but i don’t think i will watch it though but i will enter PCH everyday for the chance to win big so i could be set for life and i will be able to help a lot of people and travel as well. I love you guys and keep doing what your doing because it changes a lot of people lives forever and it is the best way to change someone’s life too. i have the hope that i will win someday.

Tina Thomas said...

I Am So Glad That PCH Game’s Does Not Cost Any Thing To Play ,The one’s My Friend’s Give Me On Face-Book Cost’s After You Run Out ,I Love 52 Card Pick Up I Am Addicted To It !

Sara Thornton said...

Dear PCH,
I enter everyday into your sweepstakes. I truly enjoy it and appreciate it. Though I have never watched Breaking Bad I just wanted to share a situation with you all that really made my day today.
After a long day at work I needed to stop by the supermarket. The gentleman who was purchasing groceries behind me pulled out his food stamp debit card. Unfortunately across Florida today the system is not working. The clerk behind the register was rather short with this man and repeated several times that there were signs posted everywhere that the system was not working. Then she proceeded to tell him that it was all over the news. The gentleman looked at her and said it was going to be a problem for him to pay for his groceries and that he doesn’t have a TV so he wouldn’t have known that the system was down. He calmly put his food stamp debit card away and was trying to explain to the clerk that he was not trying to mess up her day or give her a hard time he was just trying to get some dinner. I knew this man was not looking for a hand out- With his total for groceries being $4.65, yes just $4.65 for dinner I quietly told the clerk I would pay for his things. As I left I handed the gentleman the groceries. He started to cry and thanked me. I smiled and said you are welcome to him.
Today I have a great sense of peace because not only did I help him out but he helped me too. I was grateful that I had the money today to help a stranger.
I hope this brightens your day…..
With gratitude,

wesley ivey said...

Maybe one day I’ll win!

A.B said...

The prize patrol is in Virginia congrats to who ever wins. Florida is out one more time. I live in Ocala fl i will raise up my hope and I will work harder on my entries to reach my goal to be the next winner. See you all in November at my house in Ocala .

Barb S. said...

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever!

PCH ain’t chopped liver either. :)

Michelle Eaton said...

Hope to be the next Big winner