Did I Really Win From Publishers Clearing House?

Did I Win

One of the most thrilling things about winning a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize (besides the HUGE windfall) is a surprise visit from the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol.  It’s a huge, unforgettable event. So, if you’ve received some sort of notification that you’re a Big PCH Winner, but you’re left wondering, “Did I really win from Publishers Clearing House,” you may be the intended victim of a scammer pretending to be from PCH. Don’t let that happen!

You see, notifying SuperPrize winners in person has been a PCH tradition for decades.  Real “Winning Moments” are the hallmark of our nationally-televised commercial campaigns. While there is no typical “Winning Moment,” a SuperPrize winner could expect a knock at the door to find the PCH Prize Patrol ready to present them with flowers, balloons, champagne, and of course, the “Big Check,” with the cameras rolling to capture their reaction!

Because Publishers Clearing House is a reputable sweepstakes company that awards all prizes as offered, scammers often use our good name to attempt to rip off unsuspecting people.  Here are three important things to keep in mind to help you protect yourself and answer the question, “Did I really win from Publishers Clearing House?”

Publishers Clearing House Never Contacts Winners By Telephone, Email or Facebook. The famous Prize Patrol loves to surprise our SuperPrize winners in person! In fact, most PCH prizes over $10,000 are awarded by the Prize Patrol. Other big PCH Prizes are awarded either by certified or express letter.

You NEVER Have To Pay To Win. Publishers Clearing House will never ask you to pay a cent to receive a prize. PCH Sweepstakes (and all other legitimate sweepstakes) are absolutely free, that’s the law! So, if you’re asked to wire money, send a prepaid credit card, or provide a credit card number in order to claim a prize, you have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.

Still Not Sure? Contact PCH Directly! Unfortunately scammers can be very convincing. Don’t be fooled. If you’re still unsure if you’ve won from Publishers Clearing House, please fill out a Scam Incident Report.

As you may have gathered, if you have to wonder if you really won from Publishers Clearing House, you probably didn’t. We at PCH take Publishers Clearing House scams very seriously and actively work with law enforcement to stop scammers. We hope you’ll do your part to keep yourself informed and stay safe!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  2. I’m a bit confused.

    There was an official entry form that I got in the mail. I don’t know if it’s real or not considering how easy of a set up it could be considering I’ve never even heard of this group before now.

    Not too sure how to contact since I’m still sorta getting used to sending things to people I don’t know whatsoever.

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    1. I got the same exact email yesterday . Sucks cause I was laid off last month and my wife and I are expecting our son to be born in two weeks.

    2. Net she’s better too…after ya..cash in handtell. Jesse. Girl kiss my hands too now Saj stinks