Did I Really Win From Publishers Clearing House?

Did I Win

One of the most thrilling things about winning a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize (besides the HUGE windfall) is a surprise visit from the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol.  It’s a huge, unforgettable event. So, if you’ve received some sort of notification that you’re a Big PCH Winner, but you’re left wondering, “Did I really win from Publishers Clearing House,” you may be the intended victim of a scammer pretending to be from PCH. Don’t let that happen!

You see, notifying SuperPrize winners in person has been a PCH tradition for decades.  Real “Winning Moments” are the hallmark of our nationally-televised commercial campaigns. While there is no typical “Winning Moment,” a SuperPrize winner could expect a knock at the door to find the PCH Prize Patrol ready to present them with flowers, balloons, champagne, and of course, the “Big Check,” with the cameras rolling to capture their reaction!

Because Publishers Clearing House is a reputable sweepstakes company that awards all prizes as offered, scammers often use our good name to attempt to rip off unsuspecting people.  Here are three important things to keep in mind to help you protect yourself and answer the question, “Did I really win from Publishers Clearing House?”

Publishers Clearing House Never Contacts Winners By Telephone, Email or Facebook. The famous Prize Patrol loves to surprise our SuperPrize winners in person! In fact, most PCH prizes over $10,000 are awarded by the Prize Patrol. Other big PCH Prizes are awarded either by certified or express letter.

You NEVER Have To Pay To Win. Publishers Clearing House will never ask you to pay a cent to receive a prize. PCH Sweepstakes (and all other legitimate sweepstakes) are absolutely free, that’s the law! So, if you’re asked to wire money, send a prepaid credit card, or provide a credit card number in order to claim a prize, you have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.

Still Not Sure? Contact PCH Directly! Unfortunately scammers can be very convincing. Don’t be fooled. If you’re still unsure if you’ve won from Publishers Clearing House, please fill out a Scam Incident Report.

As you may have gathered, if you have to wonder if you really won from Publishers Clearing House, you probably didn’t. We at PCH take Publishers Clearing House scams very seriously and actively work with law enforcement to stop scammers. We hope you’ll do your part to keep yourself informed and stay safe!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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268 thoughts on “Did I Really Win From Publishers Clearing House?”

  1. Anthony czerwinski says:

    PCH you will never win give up on it if you sre contacted by phone hang up its a scam, PCH should be a scam also waste of peoples time and get there hopes ups for a false prize the inly people who win this are in there later ages in life do you really think a company wants to give you 10000 a month for life WASTE OF TIME. I played this for 3 months and have got nothing but scam phone calls that i just hang up on way to go PCH giving peoples info away

    1. Darryl McClain says:

      They’re not a scam, but there are scammers (imitators). When there are hundreds of thousands to millions of people using PCH, it is only reasonable not to have your hopes raised to high.

  2. Orlando says:

    I just got something from u guys in the mail had PCH scratch off i did it said i won 25,000 i want to know it real or a scam let me know

    1. Darla E Yoder says:

      Received letter with a ck Regions Bank $7500 from Naples ReDevelopment, Inc sponsor for Publisher’s Clearing House to cover processing & insurance fees for 1,500,000. Chief Financial Officer Michael M Gaddis 1.647.707.9826 listed along with PCH logo.

  3. I just received a call from someone saying they were with pch. And I had won $980,000.But they said I had to register thru western union or walmart first. Which I don’t have the funds for. I was also provided a tracking number. How can I find out what this is?

  4. Robert says:

    The guy said that I won 10.000 a week for life and I have to come up with 3500 to claim the prize i sent her a 200 .00 b s and you won a new car too

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Robert, we’re very sorry to hear this and unfortunately, you were contacted by a scammer claiming to be from PCH. Please be aware that PCH will never notify a winner by telephone, text messaging, Twitter or on Instagram. We will never ask you to send or wire money for any reason whatsoever to claim a sweepstakes prize. Prize awards over $10,000 dollars are awarded to the winner ‘live and in person’ by our fabulous Prize Patrol. No advance notice is ever given prior to the Prize Patrols arrival. Please check out our helpful Fraud Prevention blog: http://bit.ly/PCHFraudPrevention. We encourage you to report this scam to us by clicking here: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. Please be safe!

      1. Heather says:

        My dad has played pchs for years. We just got a letter in the mail along with a legit check for 6900+ check from an Allianz company reading this money was for ins and attorney fees to set up my dads winnings. The letter read to call etc. I’ve heard of letters asking us to send money to win but I’m very confused about a letter with a ck that doesn’t have any disclaimers on it and is a real Wells Fargo watermarked ck?!?!

      2. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

        Hi Heather, I’m sorry to hear the scammers have contacted your Father. Here are some facts: You never have to pay to claim a PCH prize. PCH does not contact winners of a major prize via phone, text, email, standard mail, or on Social Media. You can report all scammers to us by completing a scam incident report. Click this link to find out how: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers: http://bit.ly/PCHFraudPrevention. Please reach out if you need further assistance!

  5. Douglas Rogers says:

    I will send my son to college I will start my own business and I will see after that I don’t know.

  6. Marcia says:

    I received a phone call from 876-459-4110 (Jamaica) telling me I had won and would receive payment when I sent them $450. I refused thinking it was a scam. I would like very much to win the money, but I just didn’t want to be scammed!!!

  7. I shardai Washington want to win everything

    1. Jacqueline Smith says:

      You can’t I win the 5000 a week I need it so Bad I have played over 10 year’s I love pch grames I know that y’all R Rell come and see me on 8/31 plz I need it so Bad

  8. Debby Richardson says:

    I’ve been playing for 38 years now still have not won anything. Starting to think this is a hoax but i continue to play all sweepstakes, lottos, searches and send in the mail entries in hopes i wouls win which would be a God send.
    I came down with cancer last september and the chemo and hospital bills are astrinomical.
    On top of playing catch up on my normal bills now. I dream of being debt free and move into a safer home in a quieter neighborhood but unless my long lifes dream of winning pch comes true, i can forget about the other dreams and becoming debt free for it will take me the rest of my life to get out of the financial hole i now am in.
    Please pch i pray that i win soon. I’m not getting any younger here.w

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Debby, we are ecstatic that you are so dedicated and determined to win BIG with PCH! We want everyone to enjoy their PCH experience, keep in mind the sweepstakes are to be a fun and exciting thing to participate in during your leisure time! We all can understand that the sweepstakes can feel discouraging at times – no doubt! During those times it is pertinent to remind oneself that PCH receives millions of entries – and DAILY at that. With all that said, PCH prides themselves on running a fair and honest sweepstakes. To ensure this they have implemented a 100% random and unbiased winners selection, this helps in creating a level playing field for all participants involved. So don’t lose hope, keep on entering in for a chance to make your dreams a reality! To see all the options one has for submitting their free daily entries, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Best of luck to all who enter!

      1. Amie says:

        I get emails daily that say I have to enter and confirm my entry. I confirm every day. Why do I have to do this every day? I feel like once is enough. Why won’t my entry be valid if I don’t enter every day? I feel like if I want to participate I am chained to confirming my entry every day. Why do y’all do that to people? I’m afraid that if I don’t confirm every day that I have no chance of winning Anything at all.
        I can’t go online every day so have all of my entry confirmations that I submitted not count? Am I supposed to be getting all of those emails to confirm my entry every day? Does the daily confirmation count for the single entry? I guess all that time was wasted since I can’t go online every day to confirm. I really wanted a chance to win. My family really needs that prize money.

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