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Hi Everyone!

Have you been tweeting lately? Because PCH has! Twitter is a great way for PCH fans to interact with us. By following Publishers Clearing House on Twitter, you are able to stay on top of the latest and greatest news from our company. For those of you who do not know what Twitter is, it is a social networking website that allows users to submit and read posts known as tweets. It is another social media website where users are able to stay up-to-date with everything going on with their friends and the world.

Publishers Clearing House has a few different Twitter pages: the main PCH page (@pchdotcom), PCHSearchandWin (@PCHSearchandWin), PCH Lotto (@PCHLotto), PCH Games (@pchgames), and my personal favorite, the PCH Danielle Lam page (@PCHDanielle)!


I LOVE reading PCH’s Twitter Pages because there is always something new going on! PCH tweets exciting entry opportunities, last chance reminders to enter sweepstakes, real time updates from the road during prize awards and MUCH more!!

Twitter is also interactive. Just how you can “LIKE” a post on Facebook, users on Twitter can “Favorite” a tweet by clicking the star button. Also, if users want to share a tweet with their friends and family, they can “Retweet” by clicking the arrow symbol. But, one of the main attractions on Twitter is that users can include “hashtags” in their tweets. A hashtag is a word or a phrase that is used in a tweet in order to contribute to a trending topic on Twitter. Users can create a hashtag by adding a “#” sign in front of the word or phrase.

For example, to contribute to trending topics on Twitter about PCH, you can tweet #prizepatrol. Then, when you click on that hashtag, thousands of tweets from people around the world will pop up talking about the Prize Patrol as well!


Not only can you learn about everything that is happening at Publishers Clearing House, but on my Twitter page, I even post behind-the-scenes videos when the Prize Patrol is on the road! The videos include funny bloopers, as well as clues as to where we are heading to deliver the prize.

So be sure to follow Publishers Clearing House on Twitter to keep up-to-date with ALL of the fun things happening here at PCH! If you aren’t on Twitter…give it a shot…it’s FUN!

Happy Tweeting everyone!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S What is YOUR favorite way to interact with PCH?? Comment below!


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  1. Hi its me again Tyeisha! Im so excited to allow myself to be apart of this. I want to thank yall for even giving millions a 50/50 chance of winner with great life changing prizes. I be lying if i say i dont want this bad I want it BAD im doing all i can i really dont know what else there is to do. I call the 800 number everyday and enter i go to and enter the sweepstakes i download the pch app and enter double entry that way. I check my email every hour enter on there, i go check yall twitter page facebook page and when yall post i enter on there. I fall in love with the whole idea of winning I post on couple other blogs as well its so hard cause i would never even know if yall even notice me. Its kinda funny my whole Twitter page is about yall i tweet daily as i play daily well i even lost a few followers lol. Im so eager to win i tell my sons to pray that we win something the super prize omg that be great but just to win something be a blessing to beable to buy a house n take my family up and beyond. I cant express how much this mean to me it became apart of my life check me out my twitter account is my name tyeisha burnett. I want this bad. Maybe if i haven’t seen yall on family feud i prolly wouldn’t even be in it to deep and when i had that dream it just felt to real not to be real so im holding on to my faith cause i know God can make magic dreams come true and im not giving up until mines come true well until next time friends God bless yall and everything yall love take care. prize patrol come to California for me let me prove to my friends and family im not crazy for believing in a dream n believing God is real take care.

  2. Let me tell you people something. This contest is rigged. Only certain states in certain zip codes win anything from PCH. The entries are not processed as quickly as the orders (They are extremely difficult to cancel) and each time that you submit an entry it is either not processed or they tell you that you need to submit it again. This PCH lotto thing is a sham, and it is a waste of time.

  3. Thanks Danielle,
    I love PCH and thank you and your amazing team for all you do. My hopes are high I want to win so bad for I’m in and have been in the hardest point in my life. I injured my back at work close to a year ago. I’ve been waiting for surgery I loss my health insurance as well as my wife and children, behind on all my bills and pray everyday that I may for once have luck in my life and see y’all the PCH PRIZE PSTROL #BEST knock on my door on February 26th. I know they have tons of people in the same boat but I have never had anything giving to me I worked my tail off my entire life for what I have and so scared of koosing all I worked so hard since I was 18 for. i dream about what it would feel like to not live paycheck to paycheck for I have never been not living paycheck to paycheck!! If y’all knocked on my door I don’t know how in the world I would react I would probable fall to my knees. Danielle great tips on how-to with Twitter I never had Twitter butt to visit your page daily to see what the PCH Team is up to but I will promise you if I were to be the lucky one I would get Twitter and every other social media their is just to say how blessed I was by The one and only AWESOME PCH. !!!
    Thanks, Danielle and all the PCH TEAM for what you do.

    Yours truly
    A. Pepper

    1. #when I say wife and children I was referring to the insurance as they kiss coverage as well. I this if your hurt at your place of employment that you been there for over a decade you shouldn’t loose your health insurance but I can’t change it for Me and my family lost our insurrance due to the 180 days and no way can I afford a cobra plan with what I’m getting. Wish they would change that for it don’t seem fair or right. That’s why I put all my faith in PCH and pray they will come my way. Just knock And ask for A.j. :•)

  4. Hello pch. I haven’t been on order things since had surgery not online even mail. But I do want to win for life to need to pay my bills also better place home to live instead mobile home.

  5. I’m honored to be allowed to participate, in a one in a lifetime event. My FAMILY,FRIENDS, and TEAM (all caps because they mean that much to me) all look forward to changing out lives that’s what I do it for. God bless you and everyone else as well.

  6. Enter my dream of my beautiful life of Pch Twitter message to win a big times with gifts to enjoying to spend.

    1. Why does pch keep changing the token values of items. I gave over a100,00 tokens for an item now it is locked with a higher “jewel” and can’t bid on it any more. That is BS pch. Oh well typical of this type of scam.