10 Things You Didn’t Know About Todd Sloane!

Ever wanted to know more about Prize Patrol Elite member Todd Sloane? Well, here are 10 things we bet you never knew!

Todd Sloane

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Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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210 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Todd Sloane!”

  1. carla m antee says:

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  2. Kimberly Weeks 114 says:

    MORE y yes

  3. Kimberly Weeks says:

    prize patrol elite 15-15-11050 member seal is important

  4. Kimberly Weeks says:

    KW PCH

  5. kimberly says:

    i got a call from todd yesterday which is weird cause we know pch does not contact but the man mentioned my winners file was messed up with registration?? but how would this other man know this? and how would he get my number its private??? too many fishy things are going on an i never had calls like this until i started with pch…so todd question? how is my personal info getting into hand of people who know my issues at pch? unless it was you that called, but def didnt sound like you.,,btw i called customer service i always do an was told i had an affidavit to fill out then she said only you guys can do it? so whats happening? you offered me a prize win in april an said i needed time to claim it an it was to be claimed on june 30 2015…everything was done way before time due so why wasnt the prize awarded to me?? i have gold seals audit cards underwriters attestations by you and 3 other signatures but you are advertizing the winning number never came up??? thats imposible or you’d of never offered me a prize that you amended …i did my part an waited patiently so how is it im not a winner of anything and im getting forms through your portal saying i am with fireworks and how does it feel to win???
    kimberly weeks

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you for posting this warning for everyone and I’m so sorry to hear about your encounter with a scammer. As you know, PCH will never ask you to pay to claim a PCH prize and we never contact winners in advance. I can assure you that PCH did not contact you. You can read all about these scams on our “Tips & Warning Signs” page (http://bit.ly/Scams-TipsandWarningSigns) or on our “Fraud Protection” page (http://bit.ly/PCHFraudPrevention). You can also check out our “Scam Prevention Tips” tab on our Official Facebook fan page (http://bddy.me/TxsEtF).


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