Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?

millionaires club

The Publishers Clearing House Winners and Millionaires “Club” is growing all the time —
will you become the next member?

I’m currently reading a book entitled “The President’s Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity.”  It’s about the special comradeship that develops between the President of the United States and former U.S presidents who have survived to provide invaluable advice as the challenges of a new term occur.  The book’s major theme is that only persons who have occupied the White House’s Oval Office can tell the newcomer what the experience is truly like.

The same could be said of people who have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  No one else can appreciate the thrilling significance of that “winning moment” – when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives at the door with roses, balloons and – ta dahh! – a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars.  It can be life-changing and is certainly a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Some years ago we assembled a dozen or so “PCH Millionaires” from around the country for a big party.   They had a wonderful time meeting each other and reminiscing about the experience of winning and its effect on their lives.  They also realized that their common experience created a kind of comradeship that was unique.

For twenty-five years now we have been able to share with you and the nation’s TV viewers the excitement of the “winning moment” through our advertising campaigns.  But as involving and emotional as those videos can be, they cannot compare with “the real thing” – that is when the prize winner could be YOU, not someone you see in a commercial.

How would you like to be a member of this “club” of PCH winners and millionaires?  How would you like to have the Prize Patrol knock on your door and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”???  I can promise you, you’d love it!

So enter today and every day at pch.com – and maybe you’ll become a member of “the club.”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

80 thoughts on “Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?”

  1. Yes l want to become a millionaire.thank everyone at PCH FOR GIVING me A CHACC.

  2. ioneellis says:

    Becoming a member would be very nice I would like that but I gotta win first Come on Lucky. DOVE I’m waiting for you.

  3. tammera boer says:


  4. Brenda Gibson says:

    Yes Dave I bet the real exciting moment is the 1st moment you knock on that door the excitement of seeing there face . Wow how exciting to make dreams really come true. I too would like to win and experience the feeling of a win..but I didn’t get on the winners list because I didn’t get anything threw the mail. Congratulations to the winner. And I still and always will love the pch prize patrol because I know Youall makes people’s dreams come true and thats a great thing. God bless YOUALL. I gotta go I feel like I wrote a book. Lol lil humor there. Anyway please be safe when driving to the winners homes. Have a great sunshine day blessing to everyone at pch. Now I wrote a book. Lol. Lol. Love YOUALL.

  5. Brian Cunningham says:

    Will posting a sob story on here help a persons chances of winning? Just curious… cause it seems as though I’m reading a lot of them. I have a pretty good/bad sob story myself. If it’ll help my chances of winning the sweeps I’d be willing to share the gruesome details behind it. I think the majority of people living in this era have had their share of ups and downs. I just don’t find it necessary to share your personal/private information with strangers on an internet blog. PCH ROCKS BTW… is there anyone that doesn’t want to join the PCH’S millionaires club??? If so… i’ll be more than happy to take that persons’ spot:) I’LL BE WAITING AT THE DOOR… just pray I don’t pass out on national television lol

  6. SR says:

    Dave Sayer, I want PCH executive Team Members to know how much their encouraging comments give game players like me hope to continue participating, and submitting game entries. Every time I read your blogs I feels my adrenaline starts pumping in my body, and goose bumps on my skin. That shows how eager I wants to know what it feels like to become a Millionaire through PCH. I have already prayed that my prayers come through soon.

  7. Dave, I would love to become a member of the Publishers Clearing House Millionaires Club

    I think your the best, I play everyday and love every minute.

    Thank you,

  8. Mike Miller says:

    I must tell you that you make me feel very well telling me that I really could be a PCH millionaire. Please keep me on the winners list.
    Thank you,
    Mike Miller

  9. Good morning PCA My name is Barbara I will love to win It would help me and my Family A whole lot I will be able to get my home That I always dreamed of Pay off all my bills My loans Save up for a rainy day For my grandkids I am a grandmother Of 26 Grand kids And one on the way I have Struggling All my life I don’t regret it Cuz I raise my kids With the grace of God Everyone have dreams Mine was Never to struggle again I’m to own my own home I’m feel all my dads This might sound funny I always Want to go to Disney World I am 53 years old I wanted lease One of my dream to come true I’m getting older Thank You publishing Clearing House Forgiven all rested up for tonight To make a dream come true God bless out of you Good luck to all of us That enteredThe sweepstakes. PSHope to hear from you soon Barbara Your number one fan.

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