Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?

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The Publishers Clearing House Winners and Millionaires “Club” is growing all the time —
will you become the next member?

I’m currently reading a book entitled “The President’s Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity.”  It’s about the special comradeship that develops between the President of the United States and former U.S presidents who have survived to provide invaluable advice as the challenges of a new term occur.  The book’s major theme is that only persons who have occupied the White House’s Oval Office can tell the newcomer what the experience is truly like.

The same could be said of people who have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  No one else can appreciate the thrilling significance of that “winning moment” – when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives at the door with roses, balloons and – ta dahh! – a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars.  It can be life-changing and is certainly a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Some years ago we assembled a dozen or so “PCH Millionaires” from around the country for a big party.   They had a wonderful time meeting each other and reminiscing about the experience of winning and its effect on their lives.  They also realized that their common experience created a kind of comradeship that was unique.

For twenty-five years now we have been able to share with you and the nation’s TV viewers the excitement of the “winning moment” through our advertising campaigns.  But as involving and emotional as those videos can be, they cannot compare with “the real thing” – that is when the prize winner could be YOU, not someone you see in a commercial.

How would you like to be a member of this “club” of PCH winners and millionaires?  How would you like to have the Prize Patrol knock on your door and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”???  I can promise you, you’d love it!

So enter today and every day at pch.com – and maybe you’ll become a member of “the club.”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

107 thoughts on “Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?”

  1. Tina hand says:

    I want to win Thank you Tina Hand

  2. yes I would love to win the prize of a lifetime.theres so much I could do with the money.pay all my debts off.find a house all on one floor so I can take care of my mom.she doesn’t need to be alone anymore.i love her so much.and our son lives at home with us and hes disabled and the apt. is too small.i would donate to the spca because I love animals.i would donate to the childrens hospital to help children with cancer.i would take a vacation with my 75 yr old huband to the florida keys so he can go fishing.id try to get my family together for a big party for my mom with all us seven kids.she loves being in a room with all her kids getting along.not too much to ask. love pch and ive been playing a long time.Todd, David and Danielle are the best.take care-

  3. Greg Tharaldson says:

    I would love to Win and To become a member of the Publisher Clearing House Millionaires Club, A life time member for ever. Responding the entry No. 3080 $5,000 a week for life and there after to one I select, with all the pleasure of joy Amen,, May God bless you all…………..Good luck.

  4. Tina hand says:

    I Tina hand wants to win I’m trying so hard to win.I don’t want to be homeless and hungry anymore.I pray I win.I want to become a millionaire .so I can buy a home and be happy again in my life .I want to win thank you
    Tina Hand

  5. Tina hand says:

    I Tina hand wants and dreams of becoming a pch millionaire.I pray I win.

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    Sure I Do

  7. Tina hand says:

    I want to become a member of pch millionaire.I need a financial blessing .I hope and pray I win I’m trying hard not to be discouraged.our home for closed and we moved out of our house .I now live in my husbands truck.all I have left is my faith and hope .I want to win so I can buy a home and be able to pay off our dephts and be happy once again thank you
    Tina Hand

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