Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?

millionaires club

The Publishers Clearing House Winners and Millionaires “Club” is growing all the time —
will you become the next member?

I’m currently reading a book entitled “The President’s Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity.”  It’s about the special comradeship that develops between the President of the United States and former U.S presidents who have survived to provide invaluable advice as the challenges of a new term occur.  The book’s major theme is that only persons who have occupied the White House’s Oval Office can tell the newcomer what the experience is truly like.

The same could be said of people who have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  No one else can appreciate the thrilling significance of that “winning moment” – when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives at the door with roses, balloons and – ta dahh! – a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars.  It can be life-changing and is certainly a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Some years ago we assembled a dozen or so “PCH Millionaires” from around the country for a big party.   They had a wonderful time meeting each other and reminiscing about the experience of winning and its effect on their lives.  They also realized that their common experience created a kind of comradeship that was unique.

For twenty-five years now we have been able to share with you and the nation’s TV viewers the excitement of the “winning moment” through our advertising campaigns.  But as involving and emotional as those videos can be, they cannot compare with “the real thing” – that is when the prize winner could be YOU, not someone you see in a commercial.

How would you like to be a member of this “club” of PCH winners and millionaires?  How would you like to have the Prize Patrol knock on your door and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”???  I can promise you, you’d love it!

So enter today and every day at pch.com – and maybe you’ll become a member of “the club.”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

97 thoughts on “Want To Become A Member of The PCH Millionaires Club?”

  1. Angel Mercado says:

    PCH if I win I would definitely donate some money too Saint Judas for children with cancergod bless all the children of the world

  2. Angel Mercado says:

    why do super searcher and people that make it to the millionaires club never wins

  3. Angel Mercado says:

    If I win first I would thank the Jesus Christ for give me an opportunity to play pch.com and then thanks the price pertro.for all their hard work.may they always be blessed. Love A.M the Hamsome three perfect charming and handsome. (PCH)

  4. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Dear Dave, all my family and friends make fun of me for believing in PCH. Yes I’m a dreamer to the max too but I tell them it’s PCH is more than just the prizes it’s a family dreamers alike iv met serval thru the games and Facebook. I can only imagine the Prize Patrol knocking at my door with that Big Check flowers ballons Champaign to celebrate this perfect day!!! Counting the days PCH and thank you for All you do for us all sincerely-God bless!!!

  5. I am a be leaver that dreams do come true.
    I’m in to win so join in to win. U MIGHT Be NEXT . :-)

  6. adalia arcena says:

    how many times do I need to enter these sweepstakes before I actually win something? with well over 3 million plus tokens and over a decade plus of entries,,,, what does it take for me to even win anything from pch? surely someone has to be reading our blogs right? or is this a place to vent and have your dreams and hopes dashed by this company? of course I would love to be a millionaire, who wouldn’t? but how many times do we need to keep entering? like I stated before,,,,,, make me a believer.

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