What to Do With a www.pch.com/actnow Activation Code

Tomorrow, you may receive a Publishers Clearing House Secure Pack in the mail with the URL www.pch.com/actnow and an Activation Code. It’s not just any mailing … you could win Fast Cash … here’s what to do!

Greetings, PCH Friends!

Tomorrow, October 4, 2013, is “World Smile Day.” And have we got a reason for you to smile!

Very special Publishers Clearing House “Secure Packs” with a pch.com/actnow URL and an activation code have been sent out and are due to hit mailboxes tomorrow!

This special “Secure Pack” is unlike any other mailing you’ve received before! It gives you the opportunity to enter for the “Fast 50” PCH Sweepstakes.

What’s the “Fast 50” Sweepstakes? An incredible 50 people could each win $50.00! WOW! That would put a smile on MY face!

Here’s another reason to smile: Some of YOU may receive one in the mail tomorrow!

Here’s sneak preview of what the Secure Pack looks like:

This is the outside:


And, after you’ve opened it, this is the inside:


You’ll notice there’s a unique ACTIVATION CODE printed on the inside bottom right. It looks like this:


So, now that you know what to look for, here’s what to do if you receive one

Simply go to your nearest computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and type www.pch.com/actnow into your Web browser (or simply click on the link in this blog).

Here’s a picture of what the website looks like.

win fast cash

Once you’re on the website, enter your unique ACTIVATION CODE that we told you about above into the white box that says “ENTER CODE HERE”.


And just like that, you’ll be entered into our drawing to receive $50.00! Just be sure to ACT FAST – because this is a limited-time opportunity!

Remember to check your mailbox, starting tomorrow, to see if you’ve received a www.pch.com/actnow Secure Pack. And good luck!

Keep smiling,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you don’t receive a Secure Pack from Publishers Clearing House, don’t worry! There are still so many reasons to smile … because there are tons of opportunities to win prizes in the PCH Sweepstakes!

☺ Head over to www.pch.com and enter to win our SuperPrize!

☺ Check out PCHSearch&Win, where you can win instant prizes just for searching!

☺ Visit PCHGames, where you can play fun games and win awesome prizes!

P.P.S. Looking for more fun? Be sure to check out today’s Play&Win blog! Matt K. has a fun game for you all to play!


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  1. Diamond-Jean says:

    What if my emails don’t look like this? Is it in different way with different color to it idk confused I think I’m get scam emails

  2. pauline mosser says:

    said you didn’t have to buy anything

  3. Ernestine Ellzy says:

    I am looking forward to meeting the prize patrol. I have followed all instructions sent
    To me

  4. Nellie Estrada says:

    i received an activation card in the mail today and it looks nothing like the one in the video. Is it legit?

  5. Love this pch. It’s been fun.

  6. Bonnie Roman says:

    I didn’t get a activate code I didn’t get a post card

  7. leon walker says:

    This is Leon Walker of Arlington tx based on the rules and regulations and federal look awd I can and will use my audit certification number assign to my 51 every one who elgiablr has to deal with that first do I’m placing my audit number ad s positive piece OK of accountable verifiable strictly enforce lean on the give away for the delivery of 5035 4900 -and 10.000 a week and 5.000 forever and for life I intend to use this claim because it is recognized by pch the prize patrol and the agency’s the do all the correspondence to make each and every one egianle thus conforms with the notice by the 25 Dec 2015 at 944 am I leon walker being on record with city clerk state and county registration records department as wittiness to this document I claim all prizes that I played that generated opportunity s to win for time spent playing endless hours to win so I could make a chance in my community in the lives of our young men so yes I do expect to see the prize patrol I can’t wait me meet them finally thank you from leon walker of Arlington tx

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