PCH Scams: Red Flags To Look For From Our Own Lori Shore!


Here at Publishers Clearing House, we take PCH scams VERY seriously. Since 1967 we have been running the world’s most well known sweepstakes with a guarantee to award all prizes as offered. That’s why scammers often use our good name to attempt to rip off innocent people.

Recently, our very own Lori Shore received a PCH scam email in her personal inbox indicating that she had won $1 Million from PCHLotto. Now, Lori’s worked in our Contest Department for nearly 5 years, the department that oversees the winner selection process, so she knew right away that it was not legitimate. Lori exclaimed,  “The very first thought that popped in my head when I read the email was, I can’t believe they’re trying to scam someone from the PCH contest department, how ironic!”

But you don’t have to work for Publishers Clearing House to spot PCH scams! While those who try to perpetrate PCH scams do their homework and use the names of real company officials, there are easy ways to determine if a communication is fraudulent. Lori described to me some of the red flags she spotted in the email she received and I want to share them with you.

1.  RED FLAG #1 Publishers Clearing House notifies winners of our big SuperPrize awards by sending the Prize Patrol to surprise them in person, never via email.  If you’re a big winner, the PCH Prize Patrol will show up at your door with flowers, balloons, champagne and a “Big Check” ― just like you see on TV! Smaller prizes are sent via registered mail.

2. RED FLAG #2 The amount that was listed in the email was $1 Million US Dollars. The “US Dollars” is a tip off that the scam email originated overseas. PCH has always been located here on Long Island, New York and “US Dollars” is not language typically used in our communications.

3. RED FLAG #3 The email requested that Lori respond to provide more information. As we’ve learned from law enforcement, this is often where an unsuspecting person might get into trouble. They might call the phone number listed on the email and be told they must wire money to cover taxes and fees before they can claim their big prize. Publishers Clearing House would NEVER, EVER ask winners to pay any fees or taxes to claim a prize ― it’s against the law!

Lori knew to forward the email she received to our Consumer Affairs Department who shares all such reports with our law enforcement partners. But, what should YOU do if you receive a similar email? First, DO NOT respond! Then, please forward it to abuse@pch.com or call 1-800-392-4190.

Although we’ve been working with consumer protection and law enforcement officials to put a stop to PCH scams, they are still out there. So please keep the red flags from Lori in mind should you or any of your friends or family receive a similar email.

Stay safe!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative.

P.S. Friends, please remember that PCH also does not notify big winners via Facebook or telephone.

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52 thoughts on “PCH Scams: Red Flags To Look For From Our Own Lori Shore!”

  1. JM Grant says:

    I just received a phone call from Mr. Gate Sawyer @ 1-876-420-9831. He said I won $750,000. I listen very quietly until he asked was I still there. I said I’m listening. He asked me why did I say, “I’m listening”. I told him because I did not believe one word he was saying. He became very unprofessional and then hung up on me.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi JM – That was not the real PCH — That was a scammer impersonating a PCH employee! PCH never contacts winners in advance and you never have to pay to claim a PCH prize! Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who impersonate PCH employees to try and get our fan’s personal information and money. The only way you would know if you won is by the Prize Patrol showing up at your door. Do not give scammers any of your personal information or money! Please be careful and be aware of scammers online by familiarizing yourself with our “Fraud Protection” page (http://bit.ly/_FraudProtection_) and always report scammer encounters to abuse@pch.com.

  2. yasoulsista says:

    The thieves are still busy. I just received a call from PCH that I had won $500.00. He had all my public information and I confirmed it to be correct. When he said I had entered a drawing and had won 2nd prize, he did not state PCH, He said “Consumers Clearing House. I was not familiar with that name. When I stopped him and began to ask him questions, he started to hesitate, but not before I got some Information. He said his firm was Parker, Burns & Associates out of Jacksonville, FL. His name was Chris Havens. I told him, without hesitation that I was aware of many scams that asked for money to claim your “PrIzE”. When I asked Chris what was the fee for collecting the winnings, he said I would be speaking to the senior partner, Attorney Burns and pretended to put me on hold. The call was dropped after 10 seconds, He did not call back. So everyone Beware!

  3. Carla Antee says:

    Thank you very much

  4. paddy d. says:

    I’m so glad I researched this,,,this blog was quite helpful… Thanks everyone!!!

  5. Wylonda says:

    I received a call a few minutes ago and was told I won 2.6 million dollars from publisher’s clearing house and was told to hang up and call 876 584 6105 this was the number he called from, when I asked why the phone went dead I immediately knew when he said the call was from pch and I had won I know that pch come to your home with balloons, a big check, van etc.

  6. I am not going to by into this any moor I have a card that they sent me with a code on it

  7. john oneill says:

    lookout for a man who is telling people he is todd sloane he is a scamer

  8. Linda Davis says:

    I was sent a email saying I was a $1 MILLION winner. and when I call the phone number a answer recorded voice said sorry I can’t take your call at this time. I call PCH and was ask to email the letter to PCH SCAM DEPT.

  9. Jo Pugh says:

    I told her that I did not think you had to pay to win she said that was for the I r s and taxes the first time she said for me to pay for that green dot would cost me 399.99 I told her I did not have that so then she said well give you a s I could get it for 199.99 she said I really won and the p ch would be at my house at 3pm I keep all of the mess if you all would love to read them but I thank you so much for let me know but I am glad I did not do that but some other person might have went and got one and lost there ss and then not have won and lost there bill money I told her that what I saw own tv it was not that way but she said you all was having a new p so I was chose to. Win I still want to thank but you all need to let other know what happen to us if you need my mass I let you copy them to let other know

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