Lucky The Big Check Asks: “Will I Make YOU SET FOR LIFE?”

The Publishers Clearing House “Set For Life” prize event is just weeks away and Lucky The Big Check wants to know if you’re in it to win it!

My dearest PCH friends …

Sigh. It’s not an easy job to bask in the constant spotlight of fame, wealth and admiration, but SOMEBODY’S got to do it!

Never let it be said that I, Lucky, the adored-by-millions “Big Check,” am not a “trooper.”  And here, dear friends is further proof …

Even with my demanding personal schedule, I am ready YET AGAIN to be the star of a VERY important special early look event on November 26th … when someone – maybe YOU – could win a tremendous $7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE!

Set For Life Logo

Yes, cherished chums, you and I could make Publishers Clearing House history together, with the LARGEST weekly lifetime prize we’ve EVER offered!

I thought poor little moi could take a little rest after my BIG starring role some weeks back, when I (with some help with the Prize Patrol) surprised Michael Miller with the enormous “FOREVER” SUPERPRIZE that we’d guaranteed to award ($5,000 a week for his life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone he chooses).

Memories of that day still thrill me – the whir of the TV cameras, the scent of the roses and the magic of being so gloriously ME – with the cardboard face that EVERYONE dreams of seeing at their front door! It’s a feeling I just can’t describe.

 Michael Miller Winner
That’s ME, “under wraps” before the big award!

But you know, it’s a little sad … a “BIG CHECK” like me could never enjoy $7,000 A Week For Life, as you, my friends could.

For instance, if you won our SET FOR LIFE Prize next month, you could shop for a new luxury car – but the DMV won’t even give cardboard guys like me a license! Or, as our BIG PRIZE WINNER, you could take exotic beach vacations – but not me: water makes my ink run like crazy!

Set For Life
This could be YOU – but (sniff!) never ME!

So there you have it. I will be pumped and inked and ready to rock and roll on November 26, with a BIG prize amount written on my face and a name – maybe YOURS – right above it!

Help make it happen for BOTH of us by entering to win at RIGHT NOW!

The PCH Big Check

P.S. What would you do if you were set for life?

98 thoughts on “Lucky The Big Check Asks: “Will I Make YOU SET FOR LIFE?””

  1. Dwayne Kershner says:

    Hey Guy’s,
    Thought I would drop by and give “LUCKY The BIG CHECK” a quick reminder, that he has a very important appointment in just a few weeks with me his old pal Dwayne. Better get plenty of rest, eat right and iron out those creases, cause you need to be in tip top shape when you announce to the world that Dwayne Kershner is the $5000 A WEEK FOREVER PRIZE WINNER!!!

    Dwayne R Kershner

  2. Corey Miner says:

    Well I hope yôu can set a life for me because I’m worth a life to live for with a prize to share a dream and life. The dream is in my heart the prize is on my mind and it would be nice to see a big check in my hands. With all that I can do I have done if I didn’t do it I never would of known where I made my mistakes. How to get better. So if your ready for a change it all starts when you surprise me. I’ve been learning & getting better to show you I want to win. That we need some hope to enjoy

  3. Jessica Guillen Morales says:

    Lucky The Big Check Asks; “Will Make You Set For Life?”. yes I will be the next winner thank you and God bless you for allowing me to be the nex at PCH giveaway No.3080plus the other prices that go along with itI have faith and believe this is for me to win not only that put and faith that I was it a win but I did it in my dream collage visual…but I’m been making it a realitydreams do come true when you set your mind and you think about it in the morning and before you go to bed and you would do anything possible to make that come true like I do thank you once again and God bless you I haven’t gave up because I am the winner I declare that I’ll be the next winner from you guys Gwy No.3080….I determined to not lose the be a winner even though I wannahow grateful I really be to be able to take my friends family my kids to Walt Disney World for my daughter’s birthday that’s on Ma23rd 2014 she will be 3 years oldto be quite honest last year it was just me and my friend and we had a cake for my daughter if I could have for nothing because I didn’t have no money and my friends mom buy her a toy and then my brother got her two toy something like that she never really had a birthday party or anything like that and I want this one to be a magical birthday for her so she’s pretty smart for a 3 going to be three year old she likes the princess miss you princess Sofia you should see her she’s going to be a talent little girl she loves to sing also and this will be magical for her to see princess at her age she would think these are real princess so I don’t want to take that away from her and letting us sleep at the Cinderella Castle BB like more my god ceiling know they’ll be like the blessing that’s what I need to win this money and I will and I will after I win the money I want to accomplish what I promise to do with the moneythat’s helping the homeless and skin Road in Los Angeles and going to TJ Mexico Bar California and helping the poor people there too. Take my family on a nice fun vacation to get away from all this stress in today that we’ve been through less you with my father passing awayshe did

  4. Gary Rinker says:

    To The Gang @ PCH .
    YOU ARE THE GREATEST ! I STILL LIKE BE YOUR NEXT WINNER ! That would be the BIGGEST SURPRIZE ON MY 60th Birthday, which is April 29th so come on down . PS I have never Won any major Contests .

  5. dwayne kershner says:

    Thats right!
    Because I”m 100% in it to win it, LUCKY THE BIG CHECK & I ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO TRAVELING THE GLOBE TO MAKE CERTAIN THE WORLD KNOWS ALL ABOUT PCHouse and all the POSITIVELY GOODNESS that comes with winning the biggest prize on the planet.

    Dwayne R Kershner


    Hey Dave! Please pas this on to “THE BIG CHECK” As long as we stick together he has nothing to worry about. We will travel the globe giving goodness to anyone that needs it. Sharing our winning moment with everyone because we want the world to know that PCHouse is the GREATEST ON THE PLANET!!!!

  7. donnatello armani sloane says:

    Yes count me in, I send entries by deadline. Big check priority in the mail. Hope patrollers of monster madd prize vizits me… I trust pch family to be set for life

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