What Would YOU Do With $7,000 A Week For Life?

Would You Spend Or Save

Hello Everyone!

I’m SO excited about our upcoming $7,000 a Week for Life Prize Event! I mean it’s our LARGEST WEEKLY LIFETIME PRIZE EVER! How cool is that? With THAT much money, you can’t help but dream about all the ways you could spend it! From fancy vacations to shopping sprees, the possibilities are ENDLESS! For some people, living the good life and spending ALL this money on whatever life has to offer seems like the only way to go, but for others, they may have bigger plans in the works for their new fortune!

It’s got to be a hard choice deciding whether to work towards something GRAND, or to indulge in the moment. To help gain some outside perspective about what others would do in this situation, I turned to my co-workers to find out if they would SPEND IT or SAVE IT! Even though they can’t win because they work here, their answers may surprise you!

The first person I asked was one of our Social Media interns, Genevieve P.! Genevieve told me that deciding whether to spend or save is definitely a tough choice for her, but in the end, she would do BOTH! She said that she would save some of the money to pay for her college tuition, but also spend some of the money to invest in a reliable car, and a new house for her father. That’s SO sweet of you, Genevieve!

I went on to ask Brooke O. what she would do with all that CA$H! Brooke told me that she would have NO PROBLEM spending all of that money! I’m with you girl! Even though she mentioned that she would splurge on luxurious vacations and possibly a boat, she also said that saving for a house would be VERY important to her. Good choice, Brooke!

Morgan B. told me that when it comes to $7,000 a Week for Life, she would save that money and use it to pay off her college loans! What a GREAT idea Morgan! Way to better yourself for the future!

Finally, I decided to ask Amanda C. Apparently, saving AND splurging is her way to go! She told me that first, she would splurge a good chunk of her money to land her dream home (AW!), and then save the rest and make it last! You might need a bigger piggy bank, Amanda! :)

As for myself, I would save most of it, but spend some on a nice family vacation. I would love the opportunity to bring my parents to Greece or Italy and visit family I never was able to meet!

$7,000 a Week for Life is DEFINITELY A LOT of money to have at your fingertips, so having a game plan on what to do with all of it might be a smart choice! Think about what you would do – spend, save, or maybe BOTH, and comment below and let us know!

And remember what I always say — you can’t win it if you’re not in it! Be sure to keep entering every day!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. roger zemke says:

    if roger zemke would win 7000.0 a week for life. i give ten percent of every check to Methodist church of Lancaster ca

  2. Renia D. says:

    Been with PCH from 1989.(.not 1998) What would I do with the grand prize? Satisfy family debts, contribute to hospitals, and our armed forces, assist religious needs. Help with the “troubled”. And help to find homes for rescued pets. A ” Maserati” ! How much?? I’ll take the one in the window..2 inches X 5 inches. It will fit on my dresser..

  3. How could I win . I have been doing this for a long time.. I really would like to win. It would be a dream come true. So I can help my family and get out of dept It is really stressful and frustrated not knowing if you are going to have a roof over your head and etc Liz

  4. Barr harris says:

    Pch if I were to win any prize I would be very grateful. I would put any cash winnings towards a life saving Nero surgery much needed for my best friend, the best mother I’ve ever met and this amazing woman is also my wife… We love her so much and I can’t raise our children w/o her. Even tho I don’t have much free time, I still do find the time to be a very loyal VIP member of pch.our family definitely dnt want any sympathy or pity, we are just looking and working our hardest to have a life changing experience for our family to keep us together and keep my children with their mother.thank you pch noticing my loyalty to y’all!!!!

  5. Haskell Hatfield says:

    Go fishing more

  6. aid spawn says:

    Yes my dear PCh , I want to win it all prizes on 4/29. I wish I could be the next winner in ur selection on 4/29. Am always waiting to receive as soon as possible this time. God Speed! Have a see u soon.

  7. Desmond Ford says:

    If I had that money I would save and invest but also I would like to give back to the world and maybe PCH could help me do that. Also I would want to invest in my local area for children who can’t go to college and give out scholarship to children who need them to help with the next step of there life.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Desmond, what a philanthropic idea of how to share in the wealth if chosen as a lucky prize winner with PCH! Keep trying to make that dream become a reality! To see all the ways you can enter in daily, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Best of luck to all those who enter!

  8. Marie W. says:

    If I w0ud bec0me a winner pay back/I w0ud try t0 finud m back t Indianauany 0f the pe0pie wr a visih0 heiped me thru si0me very ruff times and d0 a pay bad g0 back t0
    Indiana I havent been there in 46 years’f

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Marie, keep going and don’t give up! We are awarding giveaway #6900 on Friday, April 29th! This is a Special Early Look Event, to see what this could mean for you, click here: http://bit.ly/Special-Early-Look. With our winners selection being 100% random and unbiased it creates a level playing field for all participants involved! Best of luck to all who enter!

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