Forever Changed by PCH – Gerard Rivera’s Winner Story

Hi everyone!  This is Matt K. from PCH Creative.  We’ve all seen the winning moments of our fantastic SuperPrize winners on TV or maybe even on YouTube.  But what happens when the Prize Patrol leaves and the winner is left Forever Changed with this incredible windfall of serious money?  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be interviewing some of our past winners and asking them just what DID happen after the Prize Patrol van rolled away!  We’ll find out how they reacted, how their lives were transformed, and what they can do now that they couldn’t have done before.  Let’s take a look at this week’s touching profile with Gerard Rivera from 2012!

Sometimes people come from humble beginnings.  But like many of us in America, you pull yourself up from your bootstraps and make the best of the gifts you’ve been given.  Other times you’re on life’s journey and you’re suddenly dealt a bad hand.  This was the case of Philadelphia winner Gerard Rivera.

Gerard Rivera

When we surprised Gerard with his check, we couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol.  “Gerard was previously employed as a health aide worker, but due to his own health issues, he had to take a leave of absence.  All he wanted to do was to help others, but doing so would have just made him more sick.”

I caught up with Gerard recently and asked him about his big win. “I just had this feeling that this was going to be it,” says Gerard.  “I had a feeling I was going to win.  My situation in life was pretty bad.  I was relying a lot on the kindness of other people to help me out.  It was a difficult time.”

Gerard won $1.25 Million through PCHLotto.  He had seen the Publishers Clearing House commercials on TV and went online to check out the sites.

I like the lotto stuff, so I just started playing,” he says.

Gerard Rivera’s wife wasn’t home when we first arrived up,” Danielle Lam remembers.  “So when she first showed up, they ran to each other and instantly embraced.  It was like out of a movie!”

Gerard Rivera Forever Changed

Since winning, Rivera has moved out of his neighborhood in Philadelphia to start a new life in Florida.

I wanted to be really smart with my money.  I didn’t go on any crazy vacations.  I started my own company and bought an apartment building.  That’s where I live, and I work on taking care of my tenants.  Things are so much better now!”

Rivera always wanted to work for himself, and now he can do it, thanks to PCH and a little luck!

I just want to say thanks to Publishers Clearing House on behalf of myself and my family for this blessing…[for the] opportunities.  To everyone that’s out there, keep trying!  [All of] the Prize Patrol is great!  Danielle Lam treated me well, and they’d do the same for you!  Just keep dreaming!  Dreams come true!”

Do you remember Gerard’s winning moment? Well you can watch it again, right here!

When I asked Gerard if he hopes to see the Prize Patrol again, Rivera knew just where he’d like to see them: “I’d love for them to come to my apartment building and give a big prize to one of my tenants. I hope someone one day has this blessing too!”

Hearing a story like this is so inspiring!  Good things DO happen to good people, and YOU could be next!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. I was really touched that Gerard would want his tenants to get their own big winning moment!  Let’s pretend you were already a SuperPrize winner — who would YOU want to get a big winning moment next?


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102 thoughts on “Forever Changed by PCH – Gerard Rivera’s Winner Story”

  1. rondaellman says:

    Congratulations to Gerard. It’s so nice to hear that someone who wins needs it, and is so humbled by it. So glad his life has changed, that he has been wise, and has a thankful heart. I know we all want to win ,to change our own lives, but also to change the lives of those we love. “God loveth a cheerful giver” Sound like Gerard to me. As I have mentioned before we all have a story, of victories, and defeats, of joys and sorrows. I just know to PRAY AND PLAY, put it in God’s hands. God bless all who have one. All who like me are praying to win. Have a blessed day:)

  2. I liked Gerard Rivera winning moment and I am glad he invested wisely. He is a nice guy with a good heart.

  3. Charlotte Francisco says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m patiently waiting for MY KNOCK ON THE DOOR!!! Ordering, mailing entries, online entries…you name it!!

    I will be staying home on April 30, 2014 so that I don’t miss that KNOCK!!!



  6. Cynthia gomez says:

    Thanks I needed every word I read just morning.I am making changes and this came just in time to keep my mind forward:)

  7. Ashanti love says:

    That’s such a blessing I feel like I’m going to win! Thank god for his blessing god is great he needed that, and I want to start a non-profit dance camp/team for kids and we wil travel I feel like its coming soon I love pch!

  8. James McDonald says:

    I like watching Gerard Rivera’s winning moment, but I can’t help but be a little jealous. I think he spent the money wisely. He seems like a nice man.

  9. Angelika Butz says:

    Well I am glad that Gerard Rivera has a good head on him and invested his winnings in acquiring a real estate property because that is exactly what I would do after I pay all my bills of course.
    Good move Gerard I am very happy for you.

  10. Diana Rakes says:

    Con grats Gerard you have a great heart and soul.

    1. hi thank you for unterstaning

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