Who Wins At Publishers Clearing House?

Greetings, PCH Fans & Friends!

We’re all so excited about our unprecedented $7,000.00-a-Week-for-Life SuperPrize that some lucky person out there could win on November 26th – who isn’t??!!

But here’s the “411”: While you’re on PCH.com every day entering for the BIG SuperPrize, did you know you can also be entering for Redemption Center prizes as well?

Here’s the list of this past month’s PCH Redemption Center winners – from Hawaii to Maine, including 2 lucky folks from Oklahoma City! – people just like you … with dreams of winning just like you … who earned tokens at PCH.com and redeemed them for a shot at these amazing prizes:

Patricia C., Jacksonville Beach, FL   iPod Shuffle or $49 Cash
Holly D., Diamond, OH                      $50 McDonald’s Gift Card
Frank C., Oklahoma City, OK           $100 Walmart Gift Card
Jonnie M., Dryden, VA                       150,000 Tokens
Charles D., Madison, NC                   $75 Amazon Gift Card
Gregory V., Honolulu, HI                  $500 Walmart Gift Card
Denise A., Monrovia, CA                   $50 Walmart Gift Card
Naomi R., Chicago, IL                        $50 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card
Brian S., San Antonio, TX                  $50 iTunes Gift Card
Cynthia B., Sicklerville, NJ                 $50 Domino’s Gift Card
William F., Grand Isle, NE                 $100 Home Depot Gift Card
Richard B., Nebraska City, NE          $100 Kohl’s Gift Card
Stacey S., Poland, ME                       Kindle Fire or $243.99 Cash
Carolyn H., Salt Lake City, UT           Samsung Galaxy Tablet or $449.00 Cash
Joel B., Pocahontas, IA                      $100 Cash
Jeffrey H., Columbus, OH                  $500 Cash
Larry G., Richboro, PA                      $50 Cash
Catherine N., Peoria, AZ                   Brita Pitcher with Filter or $23.99 Cash
Sharon S., Millsboro, DE                   Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven or $54.99 Cash
Dannalee R., Fernley, NV                  Cuisinart Cookware Set or $159.95 Cash
Darlene D., Corning, CA                    LG 32-inch HDTV or $549.99 Cash
Ron H., Hurst, TX                               Inspiron Laptop Computer or $699.99 Cash
April W., Lebanon, MO                      Samsung Digital Camera or $119.99 Cash
Vanessa H., Cataula, GA                    Corningware Bakeware Set or $59.99 Cash
Kim C., Oklahoma City, OK                Dyson Vacuum or $449.99 Cash
James P., Kingman, AZ                      Cuisinart Gas Grill or $199.99 Cash
Frances O., Redondo Beach, CA       Horizon Treadmill or $629.00 Cash

Now, that’s what I call a bunch of lucky people! And a bunch of smart people, too – because they took the time to play PCH games online at pch.com or PCHGames, and then redeemed their tokens for some pretty cool prizes.


You can be a winner, too! All you need to do is to make sure you’re registered at PCH.com. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll even get 1,000 starter tokens just for signing up!

But wait, there’s more! Every time you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, you’ll get 250 tokens, too!

 So, while you can dream BIG – and hope to win $7,000 a week for life, you could also become one of our super-lucky Redemption Center winners, as well.

At PCH, there are so many ways to win – why not try them all?

You’ll never know, unless you give it a go!

Good luck to all!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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60 thoughts on “Who Wins At Publishers Clearing House?”

  1. Yes I would love too win giveaway no 4950 for $777,777,77

  2. Janet Skip says:

    Some of the games have broken links many games get your email and bombard you, if you buy stuff from the advertisers its junk and shipping is sometimes more than half the price of the item. Yep I play too..they send you emails daily,weekly telling you if you don’t play the game today you will lose your chance. I came close to being the big winner once 20 yrs ago. It was between myself and another person in my county.. He won.They send you questions about where you might be on that day, where you shop at, where you might be between 11- 5 pm..

  3. David sequeira says:

    I am wondering if anyone ever wins big prizes such as $5,000.00 a week forever? I have been entering for a couple years never won anything the last big drawing the ads from pch said someone in my zipcode will definitely be a winner yet i haven’t seen any results of that. Whats the deal here?

  4. Ann says:

    I have been doing PCH for 18 years and never won.

  5. Carolyn L. Jackson says:

    I would love to win.

  6. Allison Pullman says:

    I got started because my grandma used to play all the time for years but she never won anything hopefully I will.

  7. Michelle says:

    Does anyone ever win the big prizes, like $7000 a week for life??

  8. J. Battaglia says:

    I’ve been searching and searching for years and haven’t won not a dime.

  9. Iam looking to be the next big winnet

  10. I hope I won the 1,000$

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