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The recent elections in New Jersey, Virginia and New York City generated lots of media and public attention because of what the outcomes mean to our nation’s political future.  The resultant haziness combined with the party turmoil in Washington has everyone wondering “Who will run for President in 2016, and who will the next big winner be?”

Matters of winning are always on our minds at Publishers Clearing House.  Not who will win a governorship or a national election but — Who will be the next winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?  Don’t misunderstand me: as U.S. citizens we are certainly concerned about our country’s leadership.  But as members of the Prize Patrol, Todd, Danielle and I always want to know: Where are we going next?  Who cares whether we go to a politically Blue State or Red State!  We just want to know where our next big winner resides.  And most important, WHO will that lucky winner be?

It’s not as if this question occurs once every four years as a presidential term ends.  Winners are constantly on our mind — simply because, on average, we Prize Patrol’ers hit the road twice a month with Big Checks worth thousands to millions of dollars.

Lots of people I speak to are surprised that we make so many surprise visits.  They see our TV commercials promoting a multi-million dollar “Set for Life” $7,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize and assume that we go on the road only once or twice a year.   Well, I set them straight telling them that the Prize Patrol has personally awarded over a thousand Big Checks since 1988 when we started delivering prizes directly to winners’ doors.  “Wow!” they say.  “I had no idea there were so many prizes. I better get that entry in!”

How about you? Don’t you want to get in on the action?  Wouldn’t you like to be our next winner of $7,000 A Week For Life? Well there’s only a few days left to enter — 5 to be exact, so don’t just sit there staring at your computer screen.  Head over to pch.com and ENTER!  Long before the next election, YOU could be the next big winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer 
Prize Patrol Ambassador


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289 thoughts on “WHO WILL BE THE NEXT BIG WINNER?”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Maybe its my Lucky Day!

  2. Dianna B. says:

    I would love to win the Forever Prize plus $5,000.00 plus $1 M on February 27, 2015.
    I would be able to use this for my health issues so that I can return to work and life. I have been dealing with a corrupt workers comp insurance company who kept denying to pay for my back, knee, foot and ankle as well as other medical issues since 2004 so I have been unable to work, live, or have a life. I would love to win not only this cash of a blessing, but a home, and a weekly amount for my retirement since I have lost 10 years of being able to contribute to my retirement. I had to use all of my savings for medical and even file for bankruptcy. I really need to win pch because I always take care of things and rarely ask for anything, but because of what I have been through, I ask that you PCH please pick me?
    I would tithe to church, get my health issues fixed so I could help others, family, homeless, seniors, veterans, disabled, seniors, shelters; person & animal, poor, & all I can help, buy my 1st medium-sized house, & set up retirement account.
    I have had many struggles in my life; alcoholic & domestic abuse (parents), physical and verbal abuse (as a kid & adult), rarely drank, never did drugs, divorced twice (total of single parent of my only child until 1998, worked my way into a law office, drove a truck alone with daughter age 7 from NE to northern CA in 1988, got a head injury at work including non stop headaches for 7 years, cognitive issues, had to leave CA & return to hometown, returned to college as a non-traditional student and obtained my AA degree, BS degree in Apparel Merchandising & Design, daughter graduated high school, returned to northern California as an empty nester in 1998, father suicide in February 1999, car accident in 1999 when I was rear ended from behind at a stop light causing a lower back injury including sciatica that continued until 2003, drove to FL with my daughter in Aug 2001 as I was going to take a break from California and was only there a few days when 911 happened and I was scared to death by myself in Florida so from 2001-2003 traveled about every 2-3 or 5-6 months to CA, IA, MN, AZ, eastern CA, MO, IA, Southern CA, trying to get back to northern California but could not find a job paying what I needed so drove many miles, spent a lot of expenses, and had a trip and fall in 2004 where I flew 10-15 feet on hard floor at retail store reagravating my back, but in addition, other discs injured, knee, later ankle & foot, mental issues due to pain, life, had to leave CA in 2005 as I could no longer work, am living in cold country near siblings but I’m not close to and I NEED to return to California, my home away from home.
    After I get my medical fixed, I wish to open my own yoga studio & wellness center, hire other employees, have multiple mini studios & boutiques selling various products & services and plan to work until I’m 65 or more. I want to return to life & give back for the 10 years I lost.
    I have a beautiful himalyan cat Angel who is almost 14 and a 5 lb yorkie Bella who is 6 who have been with me much of this journey; they are both my little angels! I am a survivor and this too, I shall overcome with God’s help. This would allow me to get more naturopathic treatments instead of surgery; I am only 55 so know I have a lot of life left in me if I could just GET A BREAK? Won’t you PCH be my break??? Thank you.
    aka Dianna B (last name in email address)

  3. Warren Hartmayer says:

    Come on Spring!!! We are waiting for you!!

  4. Bethany says:

    I’m a 27 single mother and I am praying for a win! Come to Maryland

  5. Scott Sorg says:

    Dream alittle Dream ; )

  6. Hattie H. Small says:

    “Should I win I might have a heart attack I’ve never won anything!”

  7. Just 1000 per week would be great. Then I could stay home with my70 yr. Young mother. Please come to Bakersfield Ca. Christine Boyer

  8. Good luck to all who are competing me an my family are working hard to become the next big winner t of luck everyone

  9. Clearisamoran says:

    Happy valentines pch team from Moran family
    We are waiting on your knock on our door omggggg

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