BIG Congratulations To Our Latest Cash Slots App Winner, Ninaku C.!

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Hey Fans!

A few weeks ago, I told you about an awesome new way to win with Publishers Clearing House from the comfort of your own phone: the PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots App! From the exciting colorful images, to the great background music, the PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots App has become a hit with our PCH fans, as well as our PCH employees! Even though employees can’t win, it’s STILL a really fun game to play!

Well today, I’m writing because I have some VERY exciting news for you gamers. WE HAVE A WINNER! That’s right! Just the other day, Ninaku C. from Milwaukee, WI. won $1,000.00!

As soon as we heard about this great news, we knew we had to ask our winner about her winning experience! Without further hesitation, listen up to what Ninaku has to say about becoming one of our first Cash Slots App winners!

CHRISTA: When did you first start playing the PCH Cash Slots App? What do you like about the App?

NINAKU: I first started playing the PCH app a few days before I won.  The idea of winning real cash appealed to me.  I really liked the fact that the game has bonus rounds as well!

CHRISTA: Do you play on any other Publishers Clearing House sites?
NINAKU: I don’t play any other PCH games but I have explored the PCH site online.

CHRISTA: Have you ever won anything from PCH before?

NINAKU: I have never won anything from PCH before.  I actually thought it was all a hoax until I actually won!

CHRISTA: What was your reaction when you found out you won?
NINAKU: When I saw that I won the $1000 jackpot, I couldn’t believe it!  I had to read and re-read the fine print, over and over.  I called PCH to confirm that I truly won, then I called everyone I know and insisted that they download the app!

CHRISTA: Will you recommend PCH games to your family and friends?

NINAKU: I will definitely recommend PCH games to my friends and family!  A free app with no in-app purchase that offers real cash winnings! It doesn’t get much better than that!

CHRISTA: How will you spend your winnings?

NINAKU: I plan to put the winnings towards my son’s college education.

Wow! Thanks for sharing your Cash Slots App winning experience with us, Ninaku! All of us at Publishers Clearing House are SO happy for you!

So gamers, as you can see, with only a swipe of your finger, you too can win cold hard CA$H! Head over to your Google Android Store or Apple App Store and download the Publishers Clearing House Cash Slots App for FREE! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! See what all the fuss is about today and you could be our next winner!

Happy Gaming!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

18 thoughts on “BIG Congratulations To Our Latest Cash Slots App Winner, Ninaku C.!”

  1. I won a Kiip reward for toys r us. Im not sure what it is. Is it cash to spend. I’m so confused. Please pch help me figure this out. Confused In San Antonio…

  2. Chaundra buckels says:

    I won today at 12:47 pm. I slammed like I usually do, all of a sudden the reels stopped, balloons started falling down and then BIG WIN kept flashing on the screen! I was soooo excited. Then something called kiip came on the screen . I still have no idea how much $ I won! I play every day, and win tokens all the time. This time I won real cash, yet idk how much! I called headquarters and gave them my account info. I haven’t heard anything back yet on how much. It’s been two hours now & the suspense is killing me! How much did I win????


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