11_26_Prize Patrol pens

11_26_Prize Patrol pens

60 thoughts on “11_26_Prize Patrol pens”

  1. Some time in life. Take 5 mints for your self a stay foccis on life an lives terms

  2. We all stand as on as lone as we stand together

  3. nathannathan3355 says:

    I stand for. What I live for respect famley life on lives terms

  4. Michael Taylor says:

    Congratulations to the person that won on Nov,26 but me personally I would love to win that $7000 for life prize.

  5. Mary Sanchez says:

    Where was the announcement post I would like to read and and send my best wish?

  6. Mary Sanchez says:

    Do anyone win the $7,000.00 week for life? I have not seen an announcement. I was hoping it was myself but would really like to know if anyone really won????

  7. When PCH emailed me to confirm directions to my house i thought OMG! Well, better luck next time.

  8. Lori DeDominic says:

    I was positive the Prize Patrol was coming to my door, though I am shocked I am so glad for the winner the best blessings is not just receiving but giving blessings to others that have received, Good luck to you Connie in Idaho your win is amazing!

  9. I would b so happy it sur b a blessing I have a health prob & I cant work ,,also I have a quick question do more then 1 person have same #? mine is 3080 and the lafy in Idaho had it 2

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