Connie Kiesser was the winner of the Publishers Clearing House November 26th SuperPrize Event! Read on to find out more about the Idaho winner!

Idaho Winner Connie Kiesser

November 26, 2013 is a day that Connie Kiesser will never forget – because that’s the day the PCH Prize Patrol knocked on her door and announced, “You’ve just won a Million Dollar SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House!”

Connie didn’t need any convincing; she recognized us as “the real thing” from seeing the Prize Patrol countless times on TV — with roses, balloons and the Big Check.  Plus she clearly thought winning was possible having entered our sweepstakes many times over the years.  But her family wasn’t so sure.  As they stood stunned in the doorway husband Rex shook his head as if this couldn’t be happening.  “Nobody in Idaho ever wins,” he said.

Yes they do” I assured him.  (I clearly remembered our visit to nearby Boise in 2009 when out-of-work Stephanie Gornichec won a Million Dollar SuperPrize  that allowed her husband Shaun to rip the For Sale sign off their front lawn.  A few years earlier we awarded another million to Rosemary Manley of Buhl, Idaho.)

Upon winning Connie exclaimed, “This is the best thing that ever happened!”  That’s an understandable reaction because it has not been an easy road for the Kiessers money-wise, especially since illness forced Connie and Rex to call a halt to trucking which they had done as a team for many years.  Not surprisingly when the Prize Patrol arrived the family was gathered around the kitchen table filling out job applications.  “This couldn’t have come at a better time,” they agreed as our camera rolled and the NBC and CBS stations from Boise covered the “winning moment.”

Connie Kiesser Collage

Here’s a look at the local news coverage of the Idaho winner.

I ask you blog readers: Isn’t that a heartwarming story to occur on November 26th, two days before Thanksgiving?

Some people don’t believe such miracles can happen.  But they truly do – at Publishers Clearing House, “the house where dreams come true.”

So enter the PCH Sweepstakes every chance you get.  Go to and you could be a Big Check winner too – just like Connie.  Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


  1. Carla Michelle Antee says:


  2. About to loose my home,I lost my job

  3. MARY GLIDDEN says:

    I want to win had to stop playing in January because my mother was dying me and my sister stayed at hospice with until she took her last breath. She died with my face right next to my face with my arm around her holding hand when she died. We were their a month with mom. GOD BLESS HER NOW SHE IS IN PEACE.

  4. Kendric says:

    That would be a blessing for me and my family PCH, to finally get my mom a home

  5. Ruth Muto says:

    Would like to win Ruth Muto or even Melody Muto

  6. jennifer crawford says:

    It would really be a shocker if i won anything… Though is still is nice to see other peoples reaction when they win.

  7. I really really help them poor and sick people
    I have no car and no good home
    pch please help me
    my family wait for you

  8. Amy S. says:

    waiting for my prize in Lead Hill, AR

  9. Yes yes I want Al prize
    I have no car and no good home
    I help them sick and poor people

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