What To Do If You Get A Friend Request From The Prize Patrol

PCH Facebook Scams


Yes, that’s right, if you happen to receive a friend request from Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, or anyone else claiming they are on the PCH Prize Patrol, DO NOT ACCEPT IT!

• Know this: The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER sends friend requests or private messages on Facebook! If you receive one, it is a Publishers Clearing House scam. It is from a criminal who is using the Publishers Clearing House name to trick you.

• Know this: If you’ve won a major prize from Publishers Clearing House, you’ll know by the Prize Patrol showing up at YOUR DOOR with a Big Check, just like you’ve seen in our TV commercials. The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER contacts winners through Facebook!

• Know this: The REAL Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol NEVER asks for money. At PCH, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

So what should you do if you receive a Facebook message from someone claiming to be a Prize Patrol member? DO NOT RESPOND AND DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY! And remember, you can also report the scammer by following Danielle’s easy steps!

How can you tell if a page is real or not? Even if a scammer uses what looks to be a real Prize Patrol photo, the only real Prize Patrol Pages are these:

Dave Sayer Prize Patrol
Todd Sloane Prize Patrol
Danielle Lam Prize Patrol

A cool tip that will help you tell if the Facebook page you’re looking at is the real deal is by looking at the number of “likes” the page has. The real Prize Patrol pages have THOUSANDS of fans! Although this is not a fool-proof technique, it will definitely help to separate the real Prize Patrol members from the fake ones!

There you have it folks! Remember: NEVER accept a friend request from someone claiming to be on the Prize Patrol. It’s not the real Prize Patrol! And if you ever wish to report a scam, please email us at abuse@pch.com, or call us at 1-800-392-4109!

Be careful everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern


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90 thoughts on “What To Do If You Get A Friend Request From The Prize Patrol”

  1. Dolly Yarbro says:

    just had a friend request and messages from ToddSloan

  2. LINDA HARLE says:

    yes i was scarm yesterday and ask for friend request and the kept mesing me and kept tell was and wassent a card of 2hrdress 99dollars on card i knew ascarm kept tell the was real and kept we ththat it daneille and shown the catds was win and told pick store and got it card and put 2hrdess 99 dollars i jugde kept tell were ascarm and was not real i kept delete off my messing until they stop trying and stop show everyone know thaT WERE SCARM ME I DID SAID MUCH ON FACE ABOUT THE PRIZE PARTOL AND PCH BECAUSE TO MANY PEPLO ARE SCARM IT MADE MAD BECAUSE I BELIEVE PCH AND IM FUN T

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    No thank you, Headquarters can contact me

  4. Just had a friend request frome. Dave Sayers……. Scam…I blocked him…..

  5. Michelle says:

    Someone on facebook claiming to be tod Sloan friend requests me at first I was shocked but she he asked me to send 200.00 dollars I knew I was a scam.

  6. deborah roberts says:

    i did just get scamed on facebook ,i was so excited until they asked for money ,and then i knew, i wished i could have won maybe onday.

  7. Barbara says:


  8. let me be the contests winner

  9. Lily Skinner says:

    I want to Win so bad!!!!!! :)

  10. when contests start they should let people know when it ends and notify them quickly by Email or letter

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