If you knew what I knew, you’d log on to pch.com EVERY DAY!

PCH Wall of Winners

That’s me in our “Winners Gallery” — all wonderful, real people!

Hi! I’ve worked at Publishers Clearing House for a LONG time – over 20 years! — and I want to get something off my chest!

PCH “old timers” like me get really mad when people say our sweepstakes isn’t for real. All I can say is they haven’t seen what I’VE seen – decades of real-life, in-the-flesh PCH WINNERS!

Year after year, I’ve watched new PCH millionaires come out to Port Washington to meet us. We all crowd into the cafeteria to welcome them, clapping and laughing and even choking up as we watch clips from their winning moments.” It’s a real tradition here!

LeRoy Faulks and Family

We were thrilled when MegaPrize Winner Leroy Faulks and his family came out to visit!

PCH Employees in Cafeteria

Here we are, giving Mr. Faulks a big hand! We LOVE meeting the folks who win our big prizes – they’re like part of the PCH “family”!

(It might sound corny, but seeing the winners and their families and how happy they are makes us all feel pretty darn good.)

And boy, do we make a lot of people rich! Just a couple of weeks back we had two brand new PCH millionaires in the span of TWO days

PCH Winner ConnieKiesser

First the Prize Patrol delivered a “Big Check” to our newest Idaho Millionaire, Mrs. Connie Kiesser …

PCH Winner John Kutz

And then it was off to Florida, to make John Kutz our second new Millionaire in just 48 hours!

And guess what? Like a lot of fellow PCHers, I’ve even helped to deliver prizes! It’s the biggest charge ever to surprise winners with roses, balloons and those “Big Checks”!

Now you know what I know: PCH winners are for real and our prizes are for real. So be sure to log on to pch.com every day and go for all our ways to win – you never know when you’ll “hit it” and become a part of our PCH “family.”

So tell me – are YOU going to take the advice of a real-live PCH old timer like ME? I want to know … so drop me a line in the COMMENTS section below.

Hoping to hear from you …

PCH “Old Timer,”
Marybeth H.

P.S. Holy Moley! The Prize Patrol is on the road again even as we speak – delivering a big $25,000.00 cash prize. The winning never stops here – for real! Follow Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page for clues!

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98 thoughts on “If you knew what I knew, you’d log on to pch.com EVERY DAY!”

  1. loretta holder says:

    I Enter Every Day ! cause Im in it to Win it !!!!!! 🙂

  2. loretta holder says:

    Cannt wait till its my turn !!!!!! 🙂

  3. Kimberly says:

    The Facebook link here doesn’t work.


  5. Pamela says:

    Wow … pray that I’m the next winner Awesome… 🙂

  6. James Miller says:

    Pch gwy no 6900 prize 2,000,000.00 upfront plus 10,000 a month for life plus a brand new MKZ Lincoln car June 30th yes i want to enter to win big.

  7. J Wright says:

    It would be a Radiant Experience to be apart of such a Awesome Family! I love you PCH!

  8. thankcarla m Antee For Life my says:

    HONK Honk For Jesus Christ

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