Who Is A Winner At Publishers Clearing House?

Have you ever wondered who is a winner at Publishers Clearing House? Well we have lots of winners besides our big SuperPrize winners! Read on to find out more!

 Redemption Center Winners

Hey PCH Fans!

It’s no surprise people want to win our big SuperPrize — $1,000,000 A Year “Forever”. Remember, if you win, you’d receive $1,000,000 a year for your life, plus after that, $1,000,000 a year for the life of a loved one! I certainly can’t blame them — a prize like that is truly life-changing. But I’m here to remind you that the “Forever” prize is not the only prize on the block.

There are SO many ways to win with Publishers Clearing House! One really cool way that you can become a PCH winner is through the Publishers Clearing House Redemption Center! That’s right folks, with all the tokens you rack up from playing our awesome games at PCHGames, and watching our inspirational winner videos, you can have the opportunity to enter to win some pretty fantastic prizes.

Well, last month, these folks did just that, and what do you know, they became our lucky Redemption Center Winners!

Kitzi M.  Hampton, SC
Lucinda H. Shelby, AL
Mary H.  Custer Park, IL
Beverly G.  Soddy Daisy, TN
Diane B.  New Castle, PA
Cynthia C.  Amenia, NY
Catherine Z.  Hutchinson, KS
Greg F.  Ashland, KY
Barbara C.  Hudson, FL
Roger R.  Minneapolis, MN
Trina J.  Independence, MO
Glenn G.  Plano, TX
Kenneth K.  Mesa, AZ
Laurie S.  Columbia, CT
Jean B.  Astoria, OR
Lois F.  Nipomo, CA
Nell F.  Winfield, AL
Em B.  Haltom City, TX
Kathleen H.  Whitestone, NY
Anna M.  Temperance, MI
Theresa G.  Sierra Vista, AZ
Debbie Y.  Lisle, NY
Lydia C.  Florissant, MO
Greg B.  Big Stone Gap, VA
Rick H.  Salem, VA
Belinda W.  Temple, TX
Edker O.  Bessemer, AL
William I.  Atlanta, GA
Patrick D.  Concord, CA

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!

Now remember, if YOU want to become a Redemption Center winner like these lucky folks above, you have to register at PCH.com. Guess what? You even get 1,000 starter tokens just for signing up! AND, every time you enter a PCH Sweepstakes, you’ll earn 250 tokens!

So PCH Fans, as you can see, you really have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! What are you waiting for? Head over to pch.com and start earning those tokens today! Then the answer to “who is a winner at Publishers Clearing House” could be YOU!

Christa P.
Creative Intern


121 thoughts on “Who Is A Winner At Publishers Clearing House?”

  1. I never won anything I said I win and I’m still waiting they said they want money from me that did not sound right on Facebook

  2. I seen this on Facebook and they replied to me and said I’m a winner but I have to buy a ticket from Rite Aid for 250

  3. they said I won on Facebook do you have to pay for a ticket

  4. Glenn W Arnold says:

    Winning is not everything but it helps life go easier. I would love to be able to help out ministries that help orphans and the poor more than I do now.. I do not care about living a lavish lifestyle !

  5. Dawn Peevey says:

    Everyone is a winner!!! Just keep playing an your name will be next!!!!

    1. Lydia Caton says:

      I will love to win. I am a very kind person. I would pay it forward

  6. Dawn Peevey says:

    How would we spend our life in leisure? We would buy a brand new R.V.Spend every day enjoying Gods world in the wilderness of america. buy life insurance for both of us, open an estate trust for our grand children donate 10% of our $5,000.00 wkly check to whom ever needs necessaties. We would be thankful to God an his Son Jesus for not forsaking us in our tormoil we all are suffering in.

  7. Dawn Peevey says:

    Thank you for all the new games you put up for us to play for free!!!! We all love it!!!

  8. Lydia Caton says:

    I would love to win. This would be a blessing for me. I want to help people in need. Children who are sick and can’t afford care. I just want to pay it forward. Also marry the love of my life, his name is Richard and I want the world to k now I’m in LOVE

  9. Lily R Hartman says:

    It’s $25,000.00 not $25,000,000.00. But there is $10,000,000.00 that I hope and Pray that I will win.

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