PCH Winner in Alabama

Sweepstakes winner Mrs. Theresa Crowder!

19 thoughts on “PCH Winner in Alabama”

  1. robert pitts says:

    It would be a blessing to win.

  2. Dale Brandon says:

    Wife is fully disabled and making it paycheck to paycheck. Really praying for win to help my family.

  3. Debora Moon says:

    I can’t wait to see the folks from PCH at my door. Please HURRY :)))

  4. i have been a player longer than july 2010 but pch has me only playing since 2010 so who keeps up with how long people actually have been playing.

    1. Tamika says:

      God knows it’s impossible to keep up with how long an when you’ve entered, because I can go back as far as my great granny entering. So let’s just keep entering and stay prayed up friends and family.

  5. Wanda Warren says:

    Would be absolutely awesome to win could help my family pay debts, build my dream home & get out of my old house that was built in 1945, would be so great…. I hope & pray everyday for financial security for my family, I WANT TO WIN!!!

  6. thank,s for telling me why I never hear of the al. winners

  7. Teresa most of the people that win opt not to have it spread on the media storm front for obvious reasons. People with money automatically become tatgerts for those wanting to take it, that’s why the good folks at PCH understand and give the winner the option of how and where their individual information is posted.

  8. Teresa Lumpkin says:

    I don’t think you really give this money away. I never hear of any people winning. But we just keep hoping one day it will come our way.

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