Check Your Mail! A Secure Pack Could Mean Cash!

Holiday greeting cards are nice, but a Publishers Clearing House Secure Pack with the URL could win you Fast Cash! They’ll be hitting mailboxes as soon as today! Read on for more info!

Well, the holiday season has come and gone. One of my favorite parts of the holiday is receiving Season’s Greetings cards from far-away friends and family (with a few photos and letters thrown in if we’re lucky!) You’ve probably gotten some special correspondence during the past few weeks, too! But I want to tell you about another piece of mail that could arrive in your mailbox as early as today — a secure pack from Publishers Clearing House, marked with the URL It’s even more exciting than a holiday card because it could win you Fast Cash and put some money in your pocket for the new year!

If you find one of these secure packs in your mailbox, be sure to do what it says and ACT NOW  because they contain an opportunity to enter for the “Fast 50” PCH Sweepstakes. That means that 50 lucky winners will score Fast Cash prizes!

This is what the front of the Secure Pack looks like:


And this is what the inside looks like:


Should you receive one of these Secure Packs, enter for the Fast 50 sweepstakes by following these simple steps:

1)      Type into your web browser (or just click on the link in this blog).

2)      When you reach the website, enter your activation code into the white box that says “enter code here”. You’ll find your activation code on the bottom right corner of your post card.


3) When the page refreshes, fill out your registration information and click Continue!

Keep your eyes peeled, because a Publishers Clearing House Secure Pack could reach your mailbox today!  It’s important that you “Act Now” in order to be in the running! It’s a great opportunity to win and start the new year off right!

Good luck.

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. If you don’t receive an Act Now secure pack, remember there are LOTS of other ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes! For starters, you can head over to and enter to win our amazing $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” Prize! Remember, if you win, that’s $1,000,000 a year for your life, plus after that, $1,000,000 a year for the life of someone you choose! While you’re there, you can also play our $2,500 Fruity Flipout with 5 chances to win $2,500 cash or bank PCH tokens that you can use at the Redemption Center!

131 thoughts on “Check Your Mail! A Secure Pack Could Mean Cash!”

  1. Gary Pecoraro says:

    2/27/2015 Knock-Knock! I would Love to Win! PCH! Dreams Come True? “Forever” is a Long time! Dream of A Future for a Family Legacy! I Pray That they Do! A Unique Very Special Year in 60 years Of PCH! Happy to Be apart Of PCH History! I would Love To WIN BIG! PCH/”Forever”/For Life/ GP

  2. Bernadine Nastor says:

    i am hoping to win so i can finish a dream that my late husband had. and also to help my family, mostly my younger sister who is battling cancer and other things.

  3. Sandra Jett says:

    Thank you PCH. I enter every day and I play the games all day every day. I’m praying I win on 2/27/15. I need to financial ability to escape from a house full of bullies.

  4. Kathy kersey says:

    Thank you PCH it would be nice to win it would be a big change in my life for me and my family hope and prayers answered and my birthday is January 31 that would be a happy birthday to me and my family if not I had fun so I will not give up keep on trying do my best Thanks for your time PCH .PCH you all at PCH have a good day and be safe good luck all my God bless us all

  5. hello pch and yes i would like to activate code for 5,000.00 a week for life plus 2 million cash plus 50,00.00 bonus cash

  6. hello pch and yes i would like to activate my code for 1 million cash plus 5,000.00 a week for life

  7. Joyce Zack says:

    Greetings from the Panhandle of Oklahoma, Elaina! Yes! I claim the winning activation claim for give away #3080 “Forever” $5,000 a week for life February 27, 2015 to be a direct deposit into an account! Thank-you, PCH, for making dreams come true for on going medical challenges, for persons who pay it forward, and a much needed family vacation! It will be an honor and a blessing to win the “Forever” prize on the 27 day of February 2015 and to meet the PrizePatrol!


  9. TODD RAISCH says:

    WELL GUYS I haven’t gotten any kind of special envelopes YET I still have the number
    I guess you could say numbers from the envelopes you sent me last year, but so far nothing but bills I’ll just wait and see if I am going to have been working hard enough to be included in this year’s event .I’ll keep trying and not give up hope that I will be included in this year’s drawing, I have faith that it will arrive in time. In any case it ‘sure
    a lot more exciting than last year.

  10. i can’t find where to put my activation code sw241 !

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