Did You Receive A Publishers Clearing House Progress Report?

If you received a Publishers Clearing House Progress Report Bulletin in the mail, read on to find out what it means!

Hey Blog Readers,

Do you remember getting Progress Reports back when you went to school?

Oh boy, would they grade you on everything! From Science and Math to Reading and Writing…even to how well you played with others!  They kept tabs on everything!  So now, as “grown-ups” we should get to make some “Progress Reports” of our own, shouldn’t we?  It’s a great way to tell ourselves where we stand in the world!

Which gets me thinking…if you’re the big “FOREVER” Prize Winner we’ll be looking for in our Special Early Look event on February 28th, you could really make a lot of progress on your…

“Daily Chore Report” — as the maid could handle each and every chore for you!

“Travel Report” — as you could set sail on a cruise to Europe…take a tropical vacation  to that remote island you’ve always dreamed of…or even do BOTH!

“Home Improvement Report” — as you could add that fancy hot tub you’ve always wanted … or even a movie theater!

“Education Report” — hey, why not go back to school and play well with others this time? 🙂

And, of course, if you win $1,000,000 a Year “FOREVER”, not only would you receive $1,000,000 a year for your life, but after that, someone you choose would also receive $1,000,000 a year for their life! You know what that means, right? You could fly right to the top of the “Coolest Person In The Universe Report” of your Son/Daughter/Grandchild/Friend/Husband/Wife/Godchild — or whomever you would choose to receive the legacy portion of the prize!

But first, as you know, in order to win it…you have to be in it!  And one way you can get “in it” is to claim a Prize Number that goes through its own Publishers Clearing House “Progress Report” too!  You see, some of you may have just received a “Progress Report” package like the one in the photo below.

The “Progress Report” Bulletin looks like this:


This Progress Report lists all the steps needed to secure FULL eligibility to win from this Bulletin. If you receive it, you’ll see that 3 of the 4 processing steps have already been completed, and there’s only ONE FINAL STEP left — your timely return of the enclosed entry form. Per Official Rules, a prize number MUST be timely returned for its owner to be fully eligible to win from this Bulletin. So if you receive this Bulletin and you want a chance to win, don’t hesitate even a second – complete the last step by transferring the “FINAL STEP” label to the enclosed entry form and return it RIGHT AWAY!

The “FINAL STEP” label looks like this:

Final Step Label

If you didn’t receive a Progress Report Bulletin, DON’T WORRY! You can still become fully eligible to win by claiming ownership of a prize number through the mail, your email, online at PCH.com, by playing at PCHlotto, or by logging in and searching at PCHfrontpage or PCHsearch&win! Receiving the Progress Report Bulletin is NOT the only way to win. No matter how you complete that step to claim an eligible Prize Number, you’ll still be in the running for the “FOREVER” Prize as long as you respond on time!

So if you really want to win — and see first-hand how much progress you could make on your personal Progress Reports with all that money — make sure you keep on claiming those Prize Numbers every way you can!


Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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