$25,000 Cash Extravaganza Is Ready For Winners at pch.com!


You're Invited to the Cash Extravaganza


It’s our event of the season so you’ll want to hurry on over to pch.com to join in the fun because it’s already begun!  We’re awarding a $1,000 prize every day for ten days in a row to winners of our Cash Extravaganza giveaway and finishing up with a huge $15,000 Grand Prize! You can see what it’s all about by watching the video below!

WOW! How exciting! And the best part is, as Danielle explained in the video above, getting in on the $25,000 Cash Extravaganza action is easy.   You start out by playing our instant win games.  Once you complete and unlock the $10,000 prize checklist for these rewarding Bonus Giveaways (with a chance to win big cash payouts), you’ll automatically be in the running for Cash Extravaganza prizes.

Cash Extravaganza


And the prizes are incredible! From January 27th through February 5th (that’s ten days in a row!) — we’re awarding EXCLUSIVE $1,000 prizes instantly — that’s guaranteed — and so is the incredible $15,000 Cash Extravaganza Grand Prize that will be awarded on the last day!

Daily winners will be posted every morning at PCH.com, then, on February 8th, the Prize Patrol’s Danielle Lam  will read all ten winner’s names and reveal the $15,000.00 Grand Prize winner in a special video announcement.  Wouldn’t it be great to hear your name mentioned as one of the big winners in our first-ever PCH.com Cash Extravaganza?

You bet it would! So don’t hesitate.

We’re super excited about this event and we hope you are, too!  Just be sure to get in on all the fun now at pch.com and remember to visit and play every day.  Because every day there’s another prize that’s guaranteed to be awarded — and you won’t find them anywhere else but pch.com!

With so many ways to win — from scratch offs, to life-changing SuperPrizes, and so much more — there’s always a reason to go to pch.com.  And special events like the $25,000 Cash Extravaganza make it even more worthwhile.

Of course we’re always looking for new ways to reward loyal friends like you. So after you go for the Cash Extravaganza prizes, tell us about prizes you want to win.  We’d love to hear them and who knows, maybe your idea will be the next big pch.com prize event.

Matt L.

PCH Creative

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702 thoughts on “$25,000 Cash Extravaganza Is Ready For Winners at pch.com!”

  1. Coskha says:

    Yea please enter bonus 25,000 cash prize today and 5,000 a week forever on August 31 too.. Thanks 😉

  2. Kathleen Griffin says:

    It would be great to win PCH $25,000.00 BONUS CASH PRIZE with the Sweepstakes of $5,000.00 a week forever August 31st.

  3. Migdalia says:

    Waooooo PCH do it again to many prizes my family say you can win Mom don’t Give up! 😊 I claim today my entry for prize $25,000 cash Extravaganza! 🎋 😆 believe thanks 💖 Never ever Give up! 😊 😆 Hope 🎋


  5. Victoria says:

    Searching and ready for Gods blessing to rain on me :)

  6. Good Morning PCH,
    I am here this morning to claim my 10 entries for the bonus money of $25,000.00 cash. Oh yes I have 10 entries this is what the email says. I hope and pray this is what I get instead of the usual 2 for Tuesday.. Please consider this as my entry and activation for my winning number for 4900 and the bonus money of $25,000.00 cash !!!
    I thank you for your time and have a nice day.
    Joann Parrott

  7. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    To win This Opportunity 25, 000 Cash Extaganza plus 1000.00

  8. My family and I would love to win $ 25,000.00 in cash. With this prize we could stop penny pinching and finally have some peace of mind. We wouldn’t just spend this money on ourselves but we would help those who really need I this would be a blessing from God.

  9. Debra Smith says:

    Dear PCH It would me the world to me if I won CAUSE it could mean life and death for me because of my bad medical. Problems.I’m here to get my ten entries win $25,000.00 cash from give away 4650 this is from PCH search &win ,what a blessing to have so many entry from being a loyal searcher,this would let me live for a while without any kind of stress.,i pray i am the winner for being a loyal searcher,thank. You and also. $5,000.00 4900 for $5,000.00 A week for life. So I’m claiming both Gwy # 4650 4900

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