You Could Become a Winner Just Like the Athletes in Sochi!

2_7_Athletes in Sochi

Good Morning, Fans!

Are you as excited as I am about the opening ceremony of the big winter games? I look forward to this fabulous event every four years.  At one time, my daughter used to be a competitive figure skater, and she actually skated in ice shows with real champions like Oksana Baiul and Johnny Weir, so we love to watch the games together!

The members of Team USA have worked so hard to reach this point in their lives! And while most of us can’t do a triple axel like Ashley Wagner, master the halfpipe like Shaun White, or race down the slopes like Julia Mancuso and Bode Miller, we all have one thing in common – we can cheer our country on to victory!


And here’s another thing fans like you have in common with the USA’s best athletes in Sochi … you could become a big winner in your own right! Yes, indeed! You could become rich beyond your wildest dreams on February 28th if you win the Publishers Clearing House $1 Million A Year “Forever” prize! You’d get $1 Million a year for life, plus after that, someone you choose gets $1 Million a year for their life. It’s our largest prize we’ve EVER offered, and a SuperPrize winner will be announced February 28th on NBC!

The best part is, to become a winner, you don’t have to train for this life-changing Special Early Look event like an athlete – just a flick of your wrist on your computer mouse or a touch of a finger on your smartphone or tablet is all the exercise you need to enter now!

Go for the … GREEN!

And good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What sports do you enjoy playing or watching on TV? Comment below!

119 thoughts on “You Could Become a Winner Just Like the Athletes in Sochi!”

  1. Charlene Dean says:

    I do watch, but turn the channel to watch other things though, but tonight I will be watching!

  2. Donna Oliver says:

    Go USA! and with a flick of my wrist, I entered, my chance is as good as yours, and yours is as good as mine, I know, I have won games before, and I can do it again! go USA! go ME! I AM IN IT TO WIN IT! just keep trying!

  3. lori miller says:

    hello like to watch car racing its fast loud and exciting like my heart would be beating if I was the lucky winner on FEBUARY 28th

  4. DeLayne Perry says:

    I keep praying and dreaming.. I believe and keep the faith.. 🙂

  5. David Faas says:

    A few days ago I saw a News Report about Sochi and Sochi is not Well Prepared.Still broken Building
    and debris littering Sochi Like during the Communist times of Russia.
    But maybe that’s an exaggeration?Well,Anyway #IWANTTOWIN #PCH #prizepatrol.
    That $1Million every year for life plus a Legacy Prize after that Would be Spectacular indeed.

    I hope to be that Lucky Person on 2/28/2014 With Gods blessing of Course!!!

    And the Sport I like to Watch most of all is Vikings football.

    Mr.David Faas

  6. Aicha says:

    I m waiting for you plz I need your help I have I lot of bills to pay and I m without work plz plz help I have 2 kids

  7. quitta says:


    I love to watch ice skating and yes I am going for the GREEN.

  8. quitta says:

    As for me, because I am from Oklahoma I enjoy watching basketball(especially Oklahoma City Thunders) volleyball, and ice skating. That ice skating music is soothing to my brain by the way. Yep, I am always going for the GREEN! Tick Tock, Don’t Stop!

  9. robin dausey says:

    Good luck to all of the the United States Team members,You have worked hard for this all your life so go out there and win!!!

  10. Shannon Locke says:

    Good Luck To All THE Athletes Go USA!

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