WOW! So Many Cash Winners From “Thanks A Million” Giveaway!

Hey PCH fans! Remember a few weeks ago I told you the exciting news that the PCH Fan Page on Facebook now has over 1 Million fans? And I’m sure you remember that I told you that to celebrate we were going to be giving out PLENTY of cash prizes? Well, I’m true to my word! The “Thanks A Million” giveaway has been up and running, and I wanted to take some time to highlight some of our lucky winners!

We’ve all DREAMED of seeing the Prize Patrol holding a Big Check with our names on it and to congratulate these lucky winners, that’s just what we’ve done! Here are a few of our lucky $250 Cash Winners!










And here are our first 2 $1,000 winners!




WOW! Can you believe that we’ve already given away so much money? Even better, can you believe that we’ve got MORE to come? We’re SO lucky to have such wonderful fans and we do love awarding cash. So enter daily for YOUR chance to see if your dream of seeing the Prize Patrol holding a Big Check with your name on it will come true!

Sarah S.

PCH Social Media Team


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138 thoughts on “WOW! So Many Cash Winners From “Thanks A Million” Giveaway!”

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