Everyone is abuzz with speculation on what stars and what movies will be honored when the Academy Awards take place on Sunday, March 2.  “American Hustle,” “Gravity” and “12 Years A Slave” have received the most nominations while Best and Supporting Actress nominees Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence are hoping that this Red Carpet walk will lead to another Oscar.  Of course, all Actor and Actress nominees are probably hoping they can muster the Academy votes needed to win.  They recognize that a victory can mean MILLIONS of dollars in their bank accounts – as if their paychecks weren’t big enough to start with.

Overlooked by many amid all this hub-bub is the potential for some lucky person (unknown to movie-goers and the press) to walk away with an even bigger prize two days earlier. Yep, on Friday, February 28, someone — maybe YOU – could win The Publishers Clearing House “FOREVER” Prize in our Special Early Look Event.  How much is it worth?  Well, hold onto your seats — it’s a blockbuster: $1 Million A Year for the life of a winner – PLUS after that another $1 Million A Year for Life goes to another person whom the winner chooses.  No wonder we expect to get sweepstakes entries from some big names in Hollywood!

On Friday, February 28th the PCH Prize Patrol will drive up to someone’s home, jump out and approach the door with roses, balloons, video cameras, champagne and – tah dah! — The Big Check!  Believe me, the footage we capture at the “winning moment” could win the award for Best Dramatic Performance.  There could be tears, screams, dancing, kisses, hallelujahs, speeches, fainting spells or stunned silence.

In fact we don’t care what happens; we just want TV viewers to see that the winners are totally unprepared and the “winning moments” are absolutely unrehearsed – because that’s the way they are and always have been.  You can see loads of them at pchtv.com and on YouTube.

So ENTER! Our rules allow you to enter every day – thereby giving you more chances to win.

Wishing you the best of luck!


Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Are you a big movie fan? What movie are you hoping will take home the Best Picture Oscar?


342 thoughts on “WHO WILL BE THE BIG WINNER?”

  1. mark and orenna miller says:

    My wife and I would first pay off some bills. Then we would start a shelter for battered women in dallas, texas. We would be a non profit organization. We would call are shelter leopards hope. Because these women often feel they are to blame not worthy, and have no self esteem. We want them to know they are loved, special, and that they can have hope in Jesus Christ.

  2. Regina says:

    It would be a big blessing to win !!!

  3. estella diaz says:

    This would be amazing and a dream come true for me my three little boys and my husband if we would win..it would really help out a lot in everything from first down payment on a home to bills and things my boys need..it would be great to win for once i have never won anything in my life well one lil lie i did win the besyest thing ever and that was becoming a mother of three handsome boys but it would be great to become a winner of the “BIG CHECK” nd have the prize patrol present me wit it to make my boys dreams come true and get them wat they need and want.

  4. Kathy kersey says:

    This will be a dream come true I hope to win and I wish all that eners the sweepstakes good luck and our troops the men and wemen my prayers and come home soon to their love one and to thank you PCH for every thing you do

  5. Angela McCorvey says:

    I sure hope it’s my time….

  6. dajuan hill says:

    And the winner is Dajuan Hill that would be so awesome to here

  7. Christina Maynard says:

    I wish I could win

  8. Phyllis, Waxahachie TX says:

    Would really love to win the big check. It would be the answer to my prayers!!!!

  9. Laurentia Beaver3@gmail says:

    I would love 2 b the next big winner but if that don’t happen I won’t b playing anymore. It would b nice 2 b able win and have money 2 spend on my grandkid 4 Christmas without being broke cuz my pay check doesn’t spred that far after paying bills.

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