Will You Be The Sweepstakes Winner On Our Wall Of Winners?


Hey PCH Fans!

As you all know, our $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” special early look prize event is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Could you even imagine…if you won, you’d get ONE MILLION DOLLARS coming straight to you EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the rest of your life! And that’s not all! After that, someone you choose would also receive ONE MILLION DOLLARS a year for their life! It’s almost too amazing to think about (but we encourage you to do it anyway!) I mean really, the list of things you could do if you won that much money just goes ON AND ON.

So now that you’re all “PUMPED UP” for this amazing prize event…we want to know…do YOU want to win it???? Do YOU want to be featured on our WALL OF WINNERS, among the likes of Natalie Bostelman, Sue King, Wilbur Ervin Jr., Pam Barton, Larry Brown, and SO MANY MORE? The winners displayed on our wall are from ALL over the country, and from ALL different years. Even though the hairstyles and clothing of our winners have changed, the priceless looks on their faces when they’re handed their Big Check ALWAYS stays the same!

If YOU would want to be featured on our Wall of Winners next, then you know what I’m going to say. That’s right, you better ENTER! There are only 4 DAYS LEFT to enter for this life-changing prize and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity. Don’t forget to take advantage of EVERY chance you can. And who knows, maybe we’ll see YOUR photo on our Wall Of Winners next!




Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Would you smile big for the camera in your “winning moment” photo? Tell me below!

129 thoughts on “Will You Be The Sweepstakes Winner On Our Wall Of Winners?”

  1. YES, Dave Sayer. I would love to see you on June 30th to be PCH next winner for $2,000,000 + $10,000 a week for life, and a new Lincoln. I just bought a new Toyota Corolla that I want to pay off and to buy a new home. What a blessing this will be. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen. Thank you PCH for this opportunity. I can be the big picture right now.

  2. One Million Forever Gwy No 308O And Ten Million Superprize Gwy No 308O Plus 5000.0

  3. Carla Michelle Antee Thank You for the Golden Opportunity to Win The Ten Million Superprize Gwy No 308O

  4. Leanna Caldwell says:

    Is there a way you can send me a list of the winners and their states since 1967? I know the lists online only go back a few years.

  5. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    Yes thank you

  6. Rex Brown says:

    my name is Rex Brown and I’ve been doing this for the past couple someone summers now and my family is been helping me and giving me everything that I possibly needed most of my life I had some problems in my past and they’ve been there with me thick and thin and I want to give back to them and all my friends that need help because I hate to see anybody without when they need so thank you publishers clearing house for letting me have these chances I’m ready to sign my check have a wonderful new year and thanks again

  7. Hello Amanda, I would give you the greatest smile of all time if you folks showed up at my residence. I would be elated, euphoric, very excited, jubilant, proud and in the highest spirits one could possibly feel at that very moment in time. It would be a day that I would never ever forget. It also would fulfill all of my aspirations in life and afford me the opportunity to implement them. I do believe in miracles, and they happen in life for very good reasons. So I would really love to see PCH at my front door. I will be holding my breath until then. So lets get my name on the Wall of Winners from the elite Prize Patrol Family.

  8. it would be nice to win have never won any thing except a toaster

  9. I can see my pic on the wwinners wall alreadh

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