Wish You Could Win A Wedding?

Are you newly engaged and planning a wedding? Ever wish you could win a wedding and have all your finances taken care of? With Publishers Clearing House you can! 

Win A Wedding

It’s something most women dream about from a very young age.

The perfect white dress. A tiered cake in their favorite flavor. Gorgeous flowers. Beautiful music. A stunning backdrop. And of course, their very own Prince Charming.

Ahhh yes, I’m talking about the BIG DAY, the dream wedding. Some might say, the most important day in a woman’s life. The day she’ll remember forever.

As a newly engaged woman myself, I can tell you first-hand that the past few months have revolved around everything wedding for me. The venue, the photographer, the band, the guest list, the flowers — and YES, I even said “yes to the dress”. My dream will be coming true in just a few months, and I could not be any happier about it — except of course, if it hadn’t come with such a hefty price tag.

Yes, all the rumors I heard were true. Weddings ARE expensive. Very expensive. Everything you fall in love with ends up costing quite a fortune. If only there was a way to win a wedding…to have everything your heart desires paid for by someone else.

But there is! That’s right, Publishers Clearing House to the rescue! Now you can win $50,000.00 for your dream wedding. WOW! That’s a TON OF MONEY! I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have all my wedding finances taken care of! And to think, you could spend it ANY way you want. Want to put it all towards your dress — well you could! Or split it up to take care of everything — your venue, shoes, flowers, band, invitations and more? Go right ahead! How about splurging on that special honeymoon you’ve always wanted? Splurge away.

What would YOU do if you could win a wedding? What would YOU use the $50,000 for? Comment below and let us know. And if you’re like me and planning a wedding of your dreams, be sure to enter for your chance to win!



Amanda C.
PCH Creative




P.S. There’s not much time left to enter to win $1,000,000.00 A Year “Forever”!


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314 thoughts on “Wish You Could Win A Wedding?”

  1. Jessica Mayotte says:

    My fiance and i have been together 10 years. $50,000 would mean we could have a wedding. At the moment we have no money to even do a courthouse wedding. Even a quarter of it would pay for almost everything with that much though I could do my tiedye wedding. I could actually have a caterer and buy party favors and have a venue were we want. We have been through more then most people our age and just want our happily ever after now.

  2. Abigail Foulk says:

    As a soon to be college grad and a bride to be, $50,000 would give us our dream wedding and more! My fiancé proposed to me on his senior day for baseball back in April. We have started planning for our summer of 2017 wedding but are having such a hard time finding a venue that will hold 300 people in our price range. We are paying for the wedding ourselves while trying to pay off student loans, rent, and more. We would use this money to help our baseball themed, dream wedding come to life. This money would help us share our story and our love with all of our family and friends in the best way possible!

  3. Angela Carty says:

    After experiencing a serious car accident that nearly took my life, I quickly jumped into adulthood at the mere age of 15. Rather than stressing about you average teenage worries, I because to drown in medical lingo and grown up struggles. I decided not to let it slow down my dreams, so I wasted no time finishing up high school, entering college, and getting my teaching credential. Though I dreamt of finding my Prince Charming and experiencing my “happily ever after”, I was busy, exhausted, and somewhat fearful that I would be unable to find someone that would be okay with the fact that I’m not 100% well. Thankfully, I patiently waited nearly 10 long years, and ended up finding the man who not only understand me, but loves me unconditionally. Not to mention, he grew up in a house of three strong, beautiful women, so he has been instilled with a sense of compassion, sensitivity, and patience. Weddings are expensive, but it has always been important to me to create a special memory with all of the people I love present to witness (and that’s a lot, since I’m 50% Italian!). We really want to focus our attention on our future, which will continue to bring medical expenses, so the idea of having wedding expenses covered seems like a dream! We would use the money for various parts of the wedding–the venue to hold all of our loved ones, great food to bring that sense of community, music (there better be lots of dancing!), and a honeymoon to truly enjoy one another and reflect on our relationship.

  4. Alyssa Pisani says:

    Ahhh!! This is so exciting!! As little girls that’s all we dream of, the perfect wedding in our eyes. If I won the $50,000 I would first off be absolutely estatic and run/scream/jump and tell my fiancé. We’re recently engaged, so just now starting to plan and it’s all very new to us but have noticed the costs of even the smallest and simplest wedding will still add up. We would be forever thankful and could use the money to help in all aspects of our wedding to make our special day truly one we will never forget!! Thank you & GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

  5. Kimberly says:

    My fiance and I met in Germany while serving together in the Army. He is from Boston, while I am from California. It is extremely likely that we never would have crossed paths had one of us not enlisted. We have been trying to plan a wedding but it has come down to continuing to hold it off as we have limited funds and it seems as though it is never going to happen . If we won that much money for our wedding we would only use 10,000for the wedding itself, as we want a small one. A few grand to fly some of his family over for it. And 8,000 for a honeymoon. And the rest we would give to A homeless and wounded Veterans foundations to help them get shelter and back on their feet.

  6. Aryen mostek says:

    I’m writing on behalf of my brother. He’s been suffering from Crohn’s disease since he was 9. He recently took a turn and had to have his large intestine taken out. During the process he lost his job, and became depressed. He spent a month in the hospital after having complications from surgery and a matter of a month he had 4. Him and his gf have been together for 4 years. This wAs the year he was going to propose. With everything that happened he doesn’t have the money. My mom who suffers from MS is helping him out with bills and etc. he can’t return to work because no one will hire him with 2 more surgeries to complete the initial one. He deserves this. He would do anything or anyone and I think by doing this for him it will show him that out of a bad situation can come a good one. Thank you pch for this opportunity!

  7. Tasha Lane says:

    We love each other, want to get married, and don’t have the funds. We have 5 children to support. Still rent our home and have many bills, so if you could help us out we’d appreciate it thank you PCH

  8. Kate Smith says:

    I was lucky enough to find my best friend and finance at a young age. We have been together for almost 3 years and recently got engaged! I will be the first one in my family to be married since my great grandmother. I can only DREAM of having $50,000.00 to go towards my wedding. The wedding we have planned is coming at around $30,000. However, the money that we are mostly worried about is for our favors. Instead of wedding favors, we will be donating money to The Four Diamonds Fund to help children with cancer (we met through THON at Penn State and this organization means the most to us) and also an org that I work for, which is the Saras Smiles Foundation (also to help kids fighting cancer). We could use all the help we can get not just to help pay for our dream wedding, but also have our wedding help others.

  9. Marlene says:

    I’m just going to be straight up. All the comments are wonderful and heartfelt, and I’m sure they all deserve the help. I’m no exception. My story is simple, I’ve waited 16 years with my fiancé to final put a ring on it. We’ve been through a lot as with everyone else. I was a single mom, with a father that disowned me after having a child. Never knew my mom. Now finally found my happiness at a later age, I just wanted a beautiful wedding to seal and celebrate what I and we’ve been through. I don’t have a family and/or dad that would help or pay for my wedding. Specially now at my age. My fiancé is so suportive. I just wished I could help more with everything. So, any chance of winning would be another great blessing aside from my fiancé and son. Good luck to all.

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