Lucky the Big Check asks: Will YOUR name be on MY face???


Our own Victoria C., holding me in our Gallery of Millionaires! Isn’t she lovely?

If your name DOES get written on my cardboard this Friday, dear friend, you’ll have become our newest Millionaire!

 Have you missed me, adoring fans? Of COURSE you have!  Who doesn’t love “LUCKY,” Publishers Clearing House’s glamorous, intriguing, rectangular BIG CHECK??

But I don’t delude myself. I know the public loves me because of what I do: surprising wonderful folks (like YOU!) with the happy news that they’ve just become millionaires – wealthy beyond their wildest dreams!

And in four short days, I could have a truly career-defining role: delivering THE “Forever” Prize — THE LARGEST PRIZE PCH HAS EVER OFFERED!  Oh the anticipation!

Yes, if your doorbell rings this Friday, February 28th, and you open the door and see ME in all my 33.5″ x  23″ glory, you’ll know that you won big! If you’re our “Forever” prize winner, you’ll receive $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) every single year for LIFE … AND those payments would continue after that for the loved one of your choosing!

Here’s my latest publicity photo – too Hollywood, you think? Those other people? Well they’re the Prize Patrol, of course! Don’t they look GREAT?


So let me ask you something. Would YOU be ready to share in what could be my role of a lifetime on Friday –– starring as “Lucky, the Big $1,000,000 A Year “Forever” Prize Check”?

We’d have such chemistry together if you win – you with your excitement at becoming PCH’s biggest-ever winner and ME … well, just being wonderful ME!!

A very short time will tell, mon ami. Not long before I go into makeup, when Michael C  applies the name (yours?) of our February 28th millionaire to my handsome face.  Then, I’m wrapped in craft paper, to conceal the winner’s identity until the very last minute. Yes, that DOES get a bit stuffy, but what can one do??

And so, for now, I will bid you a fond adieu.  No really, I must … I have an autograph session scheduled, and being a piece of cardboard, I find wielding a pen a bit tricky.

When oh when shall we meet again?

Perhaps in four very short days, when YOUR name could complete my announcement: “_________________ is the winner of $1,000,000 A Year “Forever”! Tell me…do you want to see YOUR NAME on me on Friday???

Ciao, my darlings ….


The PCH Big Check

P.S. Now remember folks, this is what we call a Special Early Look Event. My good pal Maryann Carter over in the Contest Department will be taking a Special Early Look any day now to see if there was a matching winning number. If there’s not, DON’T WORRY! I’ll still be sporting a HUGE prize on Friday — ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

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261 thoughts on “Lucky the Big Check asks: Will YOUR name be on MY face???”

  1. Gary Huether says:

    GH win PCH people coming to my house 5 pays Friday 28th! is a wow to change my sequences and my BIG DEBTS wow a $1Million year “forever” to change my things??after they win me I will tell them my son has a restaurant close to my house, its a wow, so if those people want to eat food FREE for I will pay all eats things, is a wow for them after I will a wow!
    I love all people so I will pay free eats for them today!! thanks

  2. Jesse Luciano says:

    I need a miracle to happen so me and my family can stop fighting and struggling every month cause of the bills. It would be a blessing too cause it wont be so hard raising my soon to be little baby girl Emma Lynn Luciano

  3. Israel Ayitey says:

    PLease Come to my house.california

  4. Pamela Stephens says:

    It will read Congratulations Pamela J Stephens, you are Our Newest $1,000,000.00 “FOREVER” Prize Winner, And then I will have my Picture on the Famous Wall of Winners!!!! Yes !!! Cha Ching, Many thanks to you PCH AND TO ALL THE STAFF GOD BLESSYOU ALL!!!! :) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆《♡》 《♡》 《♡》《♡》 《♡》 《♡》《♡》 《♡》 《♡》 《♡》

  5. Sherry Dunlap says:

    Hello pch,
    Everybody is so excited!!
    Make my dream come true. Forever.

    Sherry Dunlap

  6. DeLayne Perry says:

    Lucky:Did you ever blow something up in chemistry? Seeing you would surely blow my mind! We could be together if I win ~for a little publicity~ but that would be the end. You see, I am in love with Edwin! Whoooo? The cutie in the tux but he can’t get my name tatoo’d across his chest and I’m guessing you want to win me over, so you will go to that extreme! Please don’t leave out the V ~It stands 4 “Victorious!” You will continue reproducing and being “Wonderful Lucky” to many but without Edwin, I wouldn’t know WHO I am. So please bring him along if you decide to live here. I’ll keep you on display but Edwin, well.. he gets to sleep with me cuz he’s my silent partner! ;)

  7. mp says:

    the big check-to keep me from becoming ho——-s yeah I do wish to win

  8. Dee Dee says:

    Come to Mississippi! :)

  9. Aicha says:

    Hey pch I m waiting you in tupelo with my kids plz com to me

  10. I wish my name was on it

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