How Much Money Will The Prize Patrol Be Awarding on February 28th?

How Much Money Will The Prize Patrol Be Awarding on February 28th?

Hi everyone!!

I have breaking news! We JUST found out what prize the Prize Patrol will be awarding this Friday, February 28th and it’s a big one! I wanted to share the news with you right away, so please watch my video below to find out.

Yes, the Prize Patrol will be awarding an incredible ONE MILLION DOLLARS on Friday! You see, we just took a Special Early Look for our February 28Prize Event winner, and even though there was no matching number winner for the “Forever” Prize, the good news is the Prize Patrol will still be awarding $1,000,000 from a Second Chance Drawing in just TWO days!

WOWWWWWWW! I cannot wait to make another lucky winner’s dreams come true! And I would just love if that lucky winner was one of you! Would YOU love that too? If so, comment below and tell me… Would YOU want to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS this Friday? Would it make all your dreams come true? What would your reaction be? Your comments get me even MORE excited to deliver this HUGE prize, so please comment, comment, COMMENT!

2_26_special early look

Best of luck everyone! I’ll be wishing on MY lucky stars for all of you! 🙂


danielleDanielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite


P.S. As always, tomorrow I’ll be posting clues and updates on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook. Be sure to follow me all day for all the latest info! And don’t forget to follow this blog for even more clues!

P.P.S. Are you a PCHlotto fan? I know I am! Check out today’s Play&Win blog to find out why I love PCHlotto so much!


429 thoughts on “How Much Money Will The Prize Patrol Be Awarding on February 28th?”

  1. DeLayne Perry says:

    It would make a world of difference to anyone’s life… I know I want to win, as does everyone else. So, yes I would like to see the Prize Patrol Elite team at my door.
    Especially now…

  2. Darcy Lazauskas says:

    Hi Danielle! My name is Darcy and deaf from Houston, TX! There are many ways to communicate with no worries when y’all come to my house door.

  3. Linda Stearns says:

    With a million a year after helping my family I could help others

  4. Leslie D says:

    Yes! I Want To Win $1 MILLION on Friday! That Would Be A Cool $2 MILLION Since I Am A SuperFan! First thing I would do upon winning is take the Prize Patrol out for a great celebration dinner! By the first week of March I would begin extremely costly “life saving IV infusions” that my health insurance refuses to cover! A girl can dream big and miracles can happen! Good luck Everyone!

  5. Lynn Zehms says:

    I would love to win on Feb. 28th
    Living on a fixed income is very tough! Savings dwindle too.
    I would scream and jump up and down if I won! Also I would cry with joy! I would by a new car, and a modest house so my dog would have a yard again. I do so want to win!!! 🙂

  6. steven barber says:

    Hey , do PCH give prizes away to homeless people that live in there truck like me

  7. Karen Plazewski says:

    Oh yes please, not my dreams, but the dreams of the people around me would come true <3

  8. Almanee Williams says:

    Yes I Would Love To See You Danielle Lam at My Front Door on Feb 28th, I Want To Win!

  9. victoria klueber says:

    yes i would love to be the winner of 1 million dollers it would be the dream ive alway want to come true i would love to own my own house and have a nice new car i hope im the next winner friday

  10. quitta says:

    I would love to be the winner of any prize…

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