Who Won The Publishers Clearing House February 28th SuperPrize Event?

Can’t wait to find out who won the February 28th Special Early Look SuperPrize Event? Well then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be posting exclusive clues and updates all day long — keep checking back for all the latest!

 Ahhhhh, I can smell it in the air. It’s almost time to add ANOTHER millionaire to our list of winners, and we can hardly contain our excitement! That’s right! Today, the Prize Patrol Elite team — Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane  — are on the road delivering our February 28th SuperPrize. They’ll be surprising one lucky winner with ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Well, we figured you all were just as excited as we were so we wanted to treat you to some special clues and updates from the road that you won’t find anywhere else but here! Are you ready?????


THIS IS IT! I can finally announce that MR. JAMES WALKER of Newalla, Oklahoma is the winner of our February 28th SuperPrize Event! Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane just presented him with a Big Check for $1,000,000! CONGRATULATIONS, JAMES!

***12:30 PM — NEW CLUE***

The winner has more letters in his/her last name than his/her first name.

***11:30 AM —UPDATE***

I can now announce that the winner of the February 28th SuperPrize event lives in Oklahoma! But don’t go anywhere yet…there are more clues to come!

***10:30 AM — NEW CLUE***

The winner’s state is one of the top 25 largest states in the United States.

Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes shot of the Prize Patrol at the Flower shop!


***7:59 AM — NEW CLUE***
One of the major industries of the winner’s state is agriculture.

***12:30 AM — FIRST CLUE***
The Prize Patrol travelled by plane to reach today’s winner.

So what do you think? Do you have an idea of where the Prize Patrol is headed today? Do you think they’ll be knocking on your door? COMMENT BELOW and let us know!

And be sure to keep checking back all day because we’ll be posting new clues and updates from the road! By the end of the day, we’ll even post the exciting winner announcement.

Fingers crossed for all of you!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative


P.S. At Publishers Clearing House, we never want the winning to ever be over, so this Monday, March 3rd we’ll be doing EXCLUSIVE prizes here on the PCH Blog! Yes that’s right, we’ll be giving away CASH prizes to folks like you! Come back on Monday for all the details!

565 thoughts on “Who Won The Publishers Clearing House February 28th SuperPrize Event?”

  1. Alice.B says:

    Congrats to all the winners. I would Like To win also , as a matter of fact I was once told I did win but I never got the money.

  2. I find your list hard to understand. Is there really a ‘list”?

  3. Philip says:

    I work nights, so when you come to my house, come in the mid afternoon, around 3pm. So I can be totally awake when I pass out! lol ;) Congrats to the winners and Good Luck to all!!!!

  4. kandy says:

    What a dream to end the struggle. Happy for anyone regardless of their response cuz I would probably pass out! Then help all others who struggle too!

  5. Michele Sivert 9/16/2014
    I have entered several times,I would be very happy to be selected
    I pray to gods that you pick me.

  6. teresa running says:

    SO Has the 5 thousand for life been chosen??

  7. Im so lucky for them, i hoped and prayed for everyone would be a winner.
    God Bless and all is well with you.

    Ramirez Family

  8. Congrats to the winner,,,but for me,well,better luck next time. Take care everyone.

  9. Pamela Payne says:

    Well all i can say is this man from Oklahoma who is supposedly the pch winner doesn’t seem to be excited at all. He and his wife are acting like its just another day!!!!!! Im just not totally convinced at all that this thing is legite at all!!!!! Whatever!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kathy Weiss says:

    Congrats to the winner. I only wish it was from Bensalem Pa.

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