Behind The Scenes with the New PCH Video Group!

PCH Video Group


Those words, usually reserved for movie sets and TV sound stages, are being heard a lot more frequently around here at the Publishers Clearing House offices. You see, we recently built a brand new video studio, with tons of new equipment too!

You may have already seen some of the results of this upgrade in our recent email newsletters or right here on the PCH blog. Why, even yours truly (Matt K from PCH Creative) has gotten to star in a few videos here and there for PCHGames!

Behind the scenes of the Publishers Clearing House video group

 It all started last year when a PCH video group was formed to take our videos to the next level. You see, everyone here at the office are big fans of video sharing websites like YouTube, and we’ve been posting our winning moment videos online for YEARS. So it only made sense to start polishing up our filming techniques to bring our in-house videos up to the next level.

 “We really wanted to do this for our fans and friends,” says Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam. “We had been making videos for a while, but we knew we could do an even better job. It is a lot of work, but having it look great makes it all worth it!”

With years of photography experience at their fingertips (after all, it is our photo studio who take pictures of all the great products we offer!), it made sense to leverage that same team to shoot our videos. So when the new studio was built, we made sure there was plenty of room for lights, sets, green screens – you name it!

Danielle filming PCH Videos

 “I also find a lot of pleasure in seeing my coworkers fine-tune their skills and learn new things,” Danielle continues. “Having the opportunity to see people grow in their profession is a real privilege!  When our brainstorming team gets together to talk about the videos we want to make next, it is so great to have such a perfect team that can handle any challenging idea we think of!”

Todd and Dave filming PCH Videos

Speaking of challenging ideas, as I said before, Danielle and the team asked yours truly (me, Matt K!) to write and star in one of our PCHGames tutorial videos!

I was excited at the chance to become a big star (ha-ha!) and couldn’t believe it when I came down to the set. Here’s a look at me in action!

Matt filming PCH Video

And here’s a link to the first video I made. Follow the PCHPlay&Win blog to see more videos from me there!

We can’t wait to show you more of the videos we have in the planning stages! Comment below and tell us what kinds of videos you would like to see us film!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

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