Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Publishers Clearing House


Hey PCH Fans!

Have you ever wondered if Publishers Clearing House is the real deal? Have you ever doubted that the Prize Patrol actually shows up to unsuspecting winner’s homes and hands over a Big Check for a life-changing amount of money? Well I’m here to tell you that it IS all real — VERY real! For over 60 years, PCH has been bringing smiles to the faces of millions by giving them the chance to change their life by entering to win amazing prizes! And, these chances to win are absolutely FREE!

“Is it real?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, but there are many other questions we get asked all the time, too! With that said, here are some facts about Publishers Clearing House that every fan should know!

1) Do I have to buy something to win a PCH Sweepstakes?

NO! You never have to buy anything in order to be eligible to win with PCH. Making a purchase will NOT improve your chances of winning. EVERYONE has an equal shot at winning big!

That being said, we do sell LOTS of fantastic merchandise and value-priced magazines! Love those popular products you see advertised on TV? We sell them! And we have tons more big deals and hot items, so check them all out today!

2) How do I know if I’m a winner?

You’ll know if you’ve won a major prize from Publishers Clearing House if the Prize Patrol shows up at your door with a Big Check — just like you’ve seen in our TV commercials! Throughout the years, many scammers have attempted to use Publishers Clearing House’s good name to scam hopeful winners into sending them money. Please always remember that we NEVER contact winners by phone, and we also NEVER ask for money in order to receive your prize! At Publishes Clearing House, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

3) What happens if the Prize Patrol tries to award me a prize and I’m not home?

They will find you! It doesn’t matter if you aren’t home when the Prize Patrol arrives at your door, if you’ve won, you will find out soon enough and you WILL get your prize! The Prize Patrol will either wait till you get home or try to track you down!

So PCH fans, we hope these answers have helped! To find out more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page AT!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. And of course, comment below with any other questions you may have!

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    how do i activate my silver ace of spades

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    well good morning if you pch Amanda I’ll tell you a little bit of my st I got 5 kidsory about my family I’m a single mom of 5 kids my husband passed away for years ago in a car accident a drunk driver crashed into his car and edied instantly leaving me and leaving me and my kids behind in the most precious thing he left without meeting his twins which is a gift from God let me explain about my oldest daughter is about to turn 15 October 31st she is an amazing kid an honor roll student her biggest dream is to have a 15 birthday party I told her that’s an expense I don’t have right now and she understands I also have a 12 year old an amazing child she helps around the house with her brothers and sisters and then I also have a 9 year old she struggles in school because she misses her dad so much she was a daddy’s little girl dad I got two little twins a boy and a girl they are three year olds it’s been hard for me to struggle through the day without a vehicle its hard for me to catch bus at 5:30 in the morning every morning I’ll leave one in each of one of them in bus thats everyday my morning then I come home and I do homework with them and see them little bit I got I know God has something beautiful plan for me he sees our struggle with these kids but at the same time there are a blessing the best part of all is I get to spend time with my kids is my best joy

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    good lord willing and luck of the draw is what i say.. if i don’t play i can’t win so play i shall.. thank you
    jo c

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    This is so wonderful I’m on line every day and telling everyone to follow you, Thanks pch for this chance of a life time,God bless you all…

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    I have playing this on and off for along time it’s a waste of time I will never win and people who don’t need it wins. So why bother. I am desperate need for money. A real person will.never win…

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    congratulations to all the winners up publishing clearance house I get so excited everytime I watch a video I love that man with a balloon I have a private joke with my family anytime I go Out the house or go anywhere or someone answer the door I’ll tell him to look for the man with the balloon your coming to my house so one day my daughter went outside to check Her car she saw with balloons she said her heart fell to the floor until she realized he was put in the balloon for birthday party we l laugh for an hour

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