When Will I Receive My PCH (Publishers Clearing House) Order?

Receiving a package in the mail has to be one of the best feelings in the world! Think about it… you’ve waited patiently for it to arrive…and finally it’s here, and even more amazing than you ever expected!

But if you’re anything like me, when you know a package is on it’s way, you’re ALWAYS wondering when it’s going to arrive. Thankfully, when you order with Publishers Clearing House, you can easily track where your order is…so you never have to wonder!

How do you track your PCH merchandise order? Well that’s easy! Just log into “my account” on PCH.com. After you’ve clicked the link and are connected to the next page, follow these simple steps:

1) Enter either your Customer ID or Order Number and your zip code into the two white boxes.

When Will I Receive My PCH Order_Step 1

2) Next, click on the actual order number of the package that you would like to track.

When Will I Receive My PCH Order_Step 2

3) Then click on the Truck Icon next to the item description.

When Will I Receive My PCH Order_Step 3

4) Then click on the BLUE number that pops up below the words “Track Package”

When Will I Receive My PCH Order_Step 4

5) A new screen will pop up that will show you the current status of your order.

When Will I Receive My PCH Order_Step 5

PCH asks that you please allow 2-3 weeks for your merchandise order to be delivered. If you still do not receive your package after the 2-3 week waiting period, you will receive a postcard in the mail to notify you of the delay.

Please note: If you ordered a magazine subscription, the publishing frequency of a magazine will influence when your first issue will arrive. Standard estimated delivery timeframes for your first issue to arrive are as follows:

Weekly Magazine: 4-6 weeks
Monthly Magazines: 6-8 weeks
Bi-Monthly Magazines: 6-8 weeks
Quarterly Magazines: 8-12 weeks

Because of the varying publisher frequencies listed above, it is possible that you may receive an invoice prior to receiving the first issue of your magazine.

If the appropriate delivery timeframe has passed and your order has not arrived, please contact us for assistance!

So you see fans, this is just another reason why you should try shopping with Publishers Clearing House! Not only are there incredible merchandise and magazine deals, but you can easily track your order online, too! Shopping with PCH, couldn’t be any easier!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Comment below to tell us if you ever ordered a product from PCH!

192 thoughts on “When Will I Receive My PCH (Publishers Clearing House) Order?”

  1. Barbara Ogle says:

    I keep checking fed x with tracking # no results. 1 purse& watch 1 set glass bowls with covers.

  2. Champ Thomas says:

    Hello There, Well this is my 1st time gonna ordering, So I’ll have to wait and see if I well get mines tel then I well live my life!

  3. Susan k.Ford-lindenburger says:

    I have ordered a magazine in the past on got 3 magazine’s than nothing. Don’t know who to call or talk to. I guess I shouldn’t order any more stuff from pch. Magazine was a full 12 month order. Not happy :(

  4. Jose Vera says:

    I ordered a month ago & tracking says packaged was pass from FedEX to USPS but only notified since Dec. 20th. No more ordering fron PCH!

  5. Janet Reiter says:

    I have not received everything that I ordered. My orders were all late and not sent in A timely fashion. :/

  6. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Thank you for sharing

  7. Connie Thompson says:

    Yes, I have received magazines from PCH in the past. I enjoyed reading my magazines in past. Thank you, Connie Thompson

  8. iv’e ordered two different items and they are not in my account nor have i received an e-mail confirmed my order i have done this twice.

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