Take The Prize Patrol Fan Test!

Are you a Publishers Clearing House fan? Think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about the Prize Patrol? Well today we have a very special post for you all – we want to test your knowledge of our famous prize award team with our Prize Patrol Fan Test!

Are you ready…here we go!

Prize Patrol Fan Test

Think you know the answers??? Comment below with your guesses! We’ll post the correct answers in the P.S. of tomorrow’s blog.



Amanda C.
PCH Creative


P.S. Did you enjoy this test? What kind of test should we do next???

331 thoughts on “Take The Prize Patrol Fan Test!”

  1. irma Martinez says:

    1. There are 3 lucky member that are on the elite team.
    2. Dave Sayers, Todd Sloane, Danielle lam
    3. This year is the 25th anniversary of pch
    4. When the elite team shows up at your door they arrive with balloons, a dozen roses, a bottle of champagne, and the big check.

  2. amanda collins says:

    #1 answer is Three #2 answer is Danielle Lam #3 answer is 25th anniversary #4 answer is The winners check , and, ballons

    1. I the winner Cindy orellana from Camarillo,ca,93010

  3. OR YES in today’s language

  4. Dante Wright says:

    1. 3
    2. Danielle Lam
    3. 25th
    4. Big CHECK Balloons
    I’m Taking A Deep Breath An Letting It Happen For Me Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  5. crystal is ready now says:

    I gotta ANSWER some place so I’m gonna answer here! cool? lol

    “how bad do you want the dream life to become your reality?”

    I want it so much that I haven’t opened my curtains in my home since this month has come in. yes, that’s right. remember I told you I’m a visual person. lol it is my way of waiting for the day when I open my front door to pch prize patrol on the 30th of June which is my born again opportunity. YES BORN AGAIN, YES OPEN.

    … open up to sunlight, open up to laughter, BORN into good news, DRAWN OUT for a blessing, shinning for a new life path, carried by a purpose that can sing a joyful song. this time on the 30th of June when I crown, and come forth, I won’t be dropped, and I’ll see the faces of the angels who have come to wish me a very happy birthday. wanna hug the angels who has arrived at this new birth of mines. want my family to see that even though it’s not easy for me “to be me”… I’ve got another reason why I’d rather be NO OTHER PERSON than me. wouldn’t change it for the world. {smiling really wide}

    I’ve prepared long and hard to OPEN UP to receive “the breath of life” once again. this time I wanna come out to a life “not” crippled by the old cured, not guilt initiated, not kickoff with bitterness, offering me nothing but shame to go with my first steps. you see I wanna be BLOWN INTO just as it was for the very first life created in the garden of Eden. I want to be just as I said, blown into! and this time I wanna do something MORE with the gift called, THE BREATH OF LIFE. I sound silly I know, but you don’t understand how much I know it’s time for me to hatch outta where I am. {looking around my heart} I couldn’t figure out why everything around me had shrunk until I realized that nothing had, only that I had grown.

    NO OPEN DOORS, NO OPEN CURTAINS, and NO OPEN BLINDS! I am shut-up because I want the moment I open my door to be the day I’m born into the world with a BRAND NEW exhale, because of the priceless inhale pch has given to me.

    am I ready? I have so prepared myself until I’ve given up the way I use to eat. why is this important? because I’ve learned that I not only can a better diet extend my life for my family, but that I desire to no longer feed my old memories. I’ve broken my personal chains of pain in spirit first, then 2nd emotionally which is my emotional soul, and lastly THAT’S RIGHT lastly my body. I’ve learned that most times when we eat, we aren’t really feeding our bodies, but in perfect honesty we are feeding our memories. those with poor diets may not think, so but I’ve found that my personal healing has made the rebirth of my body-business last. my body was the very last place left to seek out all dross, all leftover, all garbage, all remaining scum I swallowed when I was in my worse state. years of my life I didn’t know that when I got where I could feed myself I’d continue a diet I grew up on, and then added to it all like, and worse foods. when I found out that I was feeding my pain, then I understood my heath issues.

    horrible, and grisly memories always WANT TO EAT. such memories are devourers, and when we won’t let them go, then we agree to take care of them. what does this mean? this means you’ve given the devours a place to sleep, eat and drink. truth be told, when we feed those beastly memories they aren’t interested in a diet that’s LIFE related, ONLY death related. thanks to a diet fit only for loathsome shames, such abominations had I stored in my flesh/body.

    {looking into your eyes} if you ever wanna know if people have good memories or terrible ones, just look closely. I promise you that a person loaded with detestable memories can’t hide them for very long. so yes, I’m smaller than I’ve ever been, but I’ve dropped things YOU CAN’T BELIEVE. I’m lighter in more ways than can be written, and I’ve risen into new life in my spirit, in my beautiful soul, and so now I’m ready to embrace my new legacy. there are foods I use to gorge myself on and even though I was never a thousand pounds to the sight of men every where … I WAS THAT AND MORE.

    you may not understand this, but there is no place left for me to go but up now. I’ve checked, rechecked, and checked some more. personally speaking, I’ve already in my life time found the bottom of hell to which it’s been said “has no bottom.” hear me when I say, because experience matters I “can” differ when I say, “hell HAS a bottom.” you see, I think it’s just “too rarer” for most people to meet anyone who has ever whammed against it. it’s unthinkable I know, b-but, even the bible speaks of one man who went there, and BACK, so we know it’s possible. where am I going with this point? let’s just say “HE” left his footprints …. and I’m here today. {smiling}

    I’m happier, healthier, and not just thankful BUT grateful to be here, and to be able to be apart of pch. the Mertz dream had everything to do with me too, and I feel blessed to touch the year they awaken into action. as far as I’m concerned my new legacy arrive eleven years before I was born, because that pch dream knew that I’d be a DOOZY! lol

    so you see I’m ok with “clicking my own astray” into gear for this win. gonna sit right here on top of the pch giant check making machine … won’t move until there’s a knock on my door from you guys. rofl … {holding my visual support card} yeah gonna wait right here. {putting feet up}

    a multitude of thanks to pch founders, pch elite, pch winner’s circle, pch fans/fam and the ENTIRE house of pch.

    May your blessings has the power to BIRTH YOU OUT! {smiling}

    Love ya! Maaaaaaawh!

    1. lisa garrett says:

      money, bollons…really 3 thins….

  6. Jerry Yang says:

    1)there are 3 elite teams.2.)Danielle 3.)60 years for PCH. 4.)roses and a big check… :)

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