Wondering how our “Special Early Look” works? Howie Can Help!

Hi fans!

We know a lot of you have questions, and we want to give you the answers! So to do that, we’ve started a new video series called “Howie Helps”! These videos feature Howie from Publishers Clearing House answering all kinds of questions from our beloved PCH fans – like you!

Today we’re sharing our first-ever Howie Helps video on the blog, and the topic is “What is a Special Early Look?”  Watch Howie’s video now!

As Howie explained in his video, first, our Contest Department makes sure that all eligible numbers are loaded in our Winning Number Generator. Once a winning number is randomly selected, PCH Officials check to see if there’s a matching number among the timely returned entries.  If there is, we’ll award the top prize for that event. If there’s not, the top prize amount is not awarded, and we’ll go to a Second Chance drawing and award a smaller – but still impressive! – amount.

So what do you think everybody? Did that help explain how it all works? We certainly hope so! And remember, if you have any other questions about Publishers Clearing House, just let us know! Jot it down in the “Comments” section below.  Howie could answer it in his very next video!

We’re all ears …

Marybeth H.,


P.S.  Speaking of major, life-changing prizes, there are only 7 days left to go for the $7,000 A Week For Life prize  authorized for award on April 30th – so make sure you enter today and every day right through the 21st!


 P.P.S. Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol will be announcing the results of the Special Early Look for our April 30th SuperPrize Event right here on the blog next week! So be sure to check back!


612 thoughts on “Wondering how our “Special Early Look” works? Howie Can Help!”

  1. Some one just contacted me and stated that I won a new car and 70.000.00 and I would need to call them when I get to Walmart to pay the shipping and handling fee in the amount of $200.00 . The name the gave me was Howie-pch.

    The phone # 239-719-2007

  2. I am returning numbers today after sundown
    Thanks to the best Reward AND EDUCATORS IN THE WORLD

  3. Russell says:

    Russell Alltop…..the new pch winner for the August early look

  4. Sequoya says:

    What kind of odds are involved when searching? How many people actually have won using this method of entry?

  5. Ray says:

    Waiting for you at my door pch !!!

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