SPECIAL UPDATE: What Prize Will Be On The Big Check On June 30th?

Hi fans!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! In just a few days, the Prize Patrol gets to deliver ANOTHER Big Check and make MORE dreams come true! That’s right — our June 30th Prize Event is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to hit the road for another life-changing prize delivery! Who here wants to see ME, Todd and Dave at your door with a Big Check with YOUR name on it?

Today I wanted to write to all of you because I have a SPECIAL UPDATE! I JUST found out the results of the Special Early Look for the Dream Life Prize Event. Watch my video message below to find out the good news:


Even though the Prize Patrol won’t be awarding the Dream Life prize on June 30th, I am still SO happy that we will be awarding a Second Chance Prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I mean $1,000,000 is a HUGE amount of money – definitely enough to make PLENTY of dreams come true! Hey, I’d even say you could have an amazing Dream Life with One Million Dollars, don’t you think? You could do SO much for yourself — and for others — with that kind of money.

I want to know what YOU would do with One Million Dollars? Comment below and let us know! How would winning make YOUR dreams come true?

Good luck everyone!!! I’ll be wishing on my lucky stars for all of you! 🙂


Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite


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  1. The jaw dropping luckiest shocking blessing kind of prize if i won it would be just a dream come true

  2. I’ve never won anything in my life. I hope this dream comes true as I have identical twin daughters and one lives in Tok, Alaska and I haven’t seen her in years due to health problems for a few years. I’d like to take a trip to Alaska and spend some time with her and my grandchildren there. I’d also like to help some of our veterans that have been maimed by the war. I’d like to make sure the homeless veterans have a place to keep warm and have the food they need. They have sacrificed a lot for this country because of their love for this country and the people whom live here. I’m sure I could help out those grandchildren wanting to go to college in the very near future. I’m a dreamer and always want things better for my family than I had as I was growing up. This country has a lot to offer to anyone wanting to believe in those dreams and effort towards those goals. I’m not a quitter and never could be. So I look forward to bigger and better days ahead.

  3. I would donate $100,000 to the VA, $100,000 to the children’s hospital in Memphis, Tenn. and I would donate $100,000 to the association for families who have lost their son, wife, husband , daughter innthe fight gaainst terrorism to make sure those left behind have some money to pay for mortgges, college education, etc. etc. I would also donate $50,000 to the association that takes care, trains, etc. dogs for troops fighting terrorism. Jamie T. Irvine Vero Beach, Florida

  4. PCH to win $1000000 is a dream come true can you help me out with this situation give me that Wayne prize number and send prize Patrol to my door to tell me my money problems are over I hope to see you soon