SPECIAL UPDATE: What Prize Will Be On The Big Check On June 30th?

Hi fans!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! In just a few days, the Prize Patrol gets to deliver ANOTHER Big Check and make MORE dreams come true! That’s right — our June 30th Prize Event is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to hit the road for another life-changing prize delivery! Who here wants to see ME, Todd and Dave at your door with a Big Check with YOUR name on it?

Today I wanted to write to all of you because I have a SPECIAL UPDATE! I JUST found out the results of the Special Early Look for the Dream Life Prize Event. Watch my video message below to find out the good news:

Even though the Prize Patrol won’t be awarding the Dream Life prize on June 30th, I am still SO happy that we will be awarding a Second Chance Prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I mean $1,000,000 is a HUGE amount of money – definitely enough to make PLENTY of dreams come true! Hey, I’d even say you could have an amazing Dream Life with One Million Dollars, don’t you think? You could do SO much for yourself — and for others — with that kind of money.

I want to know what YOU would do with One Million Dollars? Comment below and let us know! How would winning make YOUR dreams come true?

Good luck everyone!!! I’ll be wishing on my lucky stars for all of you! :)


Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite


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633 thoughts on “SPECIAL UPDATE: What Prize Will Be On The Big Check On June 30th?”

  1. luis becerril says:

    Well princess I’ll make a donation to San Jude I like to help kids whit cancer my donation will be of 30% of any winning prize end the rest I will cheering whit my brother end family

  2. Dante Wright says:

    Ready For My Dream An Magic To Happen To Me Publishers Clearing House. Amen

  3. Dante Wright says:

    A Pot Of Gold At The End of My Rainbow Publishers Clearing House I’m Ready To Receive. Amen

  4. Dante Wright says:


    1. krissy_kissy_44@hotmail.com says:


    2. K.motika says:

      Am ready to win…good luck to all

  5. Dante Wright says:

    Thanks A Million Publishers Clearing House for this Golden opportunity. Amen

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