Find Out How PCH Winners Are Selected

Hi Everyone!

Whenever we get a question from our PCH fans we always do our best to answer it! One way we answer questions is by enlisting the help of Howie from Publishers Clearing House. In the past Howie has been able to answer all sorts of questions such as, “what is a special early look?” or, “how many times can you enter the SuperPrize each day?” or, “is it true that someone with my initials will win?”. Today we are answering the question, “how are winners selected?”

This is a GREAT question that has come up a lot, and with our next prize event just days away, we decided to turn to Howie to get the scoop!

As you can see, it really is just the luck of the draw! The PCH giveaway supervisors randomly select a winner from the pool of entries. The winner is always a surprise, even to us! What does this mean for you? It means that it doesn’t matter what state you live in, how much money you make, what ethnicity you are, how old you are, or if you live in a house, apartment or trailer. Publishers Clearing House winners are always chosen completely at random and as long as you enter, the winner could be YOU.

Keep sending in your questions and we’ll keep answering them!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

P.S. Our Prize Event is just 3 days away! Do you hope YOU will become our next big winner? Comment below and let us know!

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444 thoughts on “Find Out How PCH Winners Are Selected”

  1. Donna Potter says:

    Good evening PCH Ambasadors, I am responding to Destination for 10,000.00 notice. Iplease process, register and Secure my prize eligibility!!
    Now should I be selected the winner most assuredly I would want the prestigious prize patrol to arrive with flowers, balloons, a” BIG CHECK ” just for me! So with out.any further ado I am I’m entering before strict dead line!! Keeping the faith alive I’m in it tonWIN it !!
    Also want to respond to zone alert 5035 Prize $1000.00 please secure as well.
    Most humbly thankful your friend
    Donna Potter

  2. Mark Lay says:

    Hi Prize Patrol It would nice if I was selected. I have been in debt so long. I take care of by 94 year mom. I would be on cloud nine if I was selected the winner. Hope to meet you guys in person one day.

    Mark Lay
    Jacksonville, Fl

  3. dorothy king says:

    Hi prize patrol please come to my house in centre ala I would love to meet you guys prove to my husband and all of my family if you believe in prize patrol you could get a surprise visit from pch.

  4. dorothy king says:

    So is it true pch and prize patrol already know who their winner are why was I chosen?

  5. dorothy king says:

    Hi prize patrol I would love to be the winner so come on over to my house to centre ala and choose your winner

  6. dorothy king says:

    I’d it true are you guys the real pch prize patrol I’m talking too are just a scam?

  7. I really want to win the 4900 & all of it positive thinking all the way that can just keep play the games. It not very week. For me I’m keep my spirta you. No matter what it take

  8. dorothy king says:

    Itgood l would have been nice to have won when prize patrol pulled up in front of my house seen look on !y husband’s and the rest of my family faces whemprize patrol was setting out side in my drive o would say I told you have to day yes and believe on them first if ypi believe your dreams will come true so please beleive! In prize patrol so I will keep on playing pchs games so prize patrol he still says your not real that no one is going to give you anything that’s allright one of these days my dreams will come true good luck and god bless

    1. dorothy king says:

      Explain why me and my family were chosen?

    2. dorothy king says:

      Why spy on me and my family at night

  9. dorothy king says:

    Hey prize patrol it would have been nice to have won all that money bit I guess you have to keep on trying and playing hard . congrulations to the woinnerof pchs June 30 winner so o will say it would have been nice to see my little town of centre ala reconginf so good luck best wished and god less

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