Win Big During This Week of Winning!

Hey friends! I’m excited to tell you all something that should chase those Monday blues away! It’s time to find out about all of the exciting prizes you could win during this Week of Winning — and there’s plenty to tell you about!

EVERY DAY this week is a new opportunity for you to Win Big. And not only do we have prizes that everyone will enjoy, but there are lots of different ways to go for them! Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see where and when you can find those fantastic prize opportunities!

Let’s start by seeing what prizes are in store for all of you searchers out there when you search at PCHSearch&Win.

Monday 1/16: Start the week off by going for a $25 FTD Gift Card. TEN are up for grabs!

Tuesday 1/17: We’ll be giving away TEN $25 Walmart Gift Cards — so make sure you search for your chance to win!

Wednesday 1/18: Not only will we be giving away TWENTY $10 Amazon Gift Cards, but we’ll be naming a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes from 7 pm to 11:59 pm!

Thursday 1/19: Music fans get ready … TEN $30 Pandora Gift Cards will be awarded!

Friday 1/20: TEN lucky searchers will definitely win $25 FTD Gift Cards!

Saturday 1/21: We’ll be awarding $50 Walmart Gift Cards to TEN lucky searchers!

Sunday 1/22: And to end out the week, we’ll award a $500 Dell Gift Card!

And here’s a quick reminder: Your first search every day at PCHSearch&Win could win you an incredible SuperPrize. All this week, your first search of the day could win you $5,000 A Week “Forever!”. That’s $5,000 a week for the rest of your life, and after that, $5,000 a week for the life of a beneficiary of your choosing!

That’s quite a list of prizes to win, isn’t it? But we’re not over yet. PCHGames has daily cash tournaments available, where YOU could win big cash prizes. And not only are new tournaments available every day, you can play them on your desktop computer, mobile device, and tablet! Check out all the different ways you could become a daily winner this week:

That’s six opportunities to win $100 EVERY DAY — we’re awarding top scorers AND top token earners!

Believe me now? Told you we have a whole lot of prizes AND a whole bunch of ways to win them. Find out your favorite by entering as many different ways as you can during this Week of Winning.  Search at PCHSearch&Win and play at PCHGames all week long for your chances to Win Big!

Good Luck,

Joe W.
PCH Creative

PS: If you need any ideas on where to start, did you know that today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Search at PCHSearch&Win to learn more about the accomplishments of this historic civil rights leader.

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  1. pch this ol man is tired.

    please while i take a nap and seek into my work of pch search & win. leave me the clue to help me due something right to win the big 7 grand a week.

    1. Ps. this ol man will be 83 on april 5th of this year and one the thing. my past wife and i have done is watch all 7 of our grandchildren graduate from high school
      also,they are college 4 bye scholarship.

  2. my neighbor is 80ys old and a very hard worker, and has been entering this contest from the frist time it started back in the late 50s.but hast won anything AS YET..would be so nice to see her win something.shes been getting stuf ready in case they come to her house.MY WISH IS TO HV MY NEIGHBOR LADY Marium SNYDER OF SHIPPENSBURG PA TO WIN SOMETHING before she leaves this world.

  3. I want to win Pch I think if ya’ll came to my home in Arkansas I would fall out LMAO 😂 But ill be ok when I see its not a dream but For real 👌🙏 🙆 I’m ready 😊