What Is The PCH Final Winner Selection List? — Question Answered!

Hi everyone. Here at the PCHblog, we try to answer any questions that friends like you might have about Publishers Clearing House. If you’ve wondered: what is the PCH final winner selection list? after seeing this phrase in email Notices or Bulletins through the mail, this one’s for you! If you’re not familiar with the PCH final winner selection list, keep reading, because it’s something PCH fans should know all about!

If you’ve been checking in lately, I probably don’t need to tell you that the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is definitely going to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” from Giveaway No. 6900 to a lucky winner at the end of this month. It’s a prize of TWO lifetimes — $5,000 a week for the life of the winner, and then after that, those payments will continue to a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing for their life. Wow!

This incredible prize can ONLY be won by someone with an entry on the final winner selection list. You see, the final winner selection list is the official Publishers Clearing House record of all entries that are eligible to win from a particular giveaway, in this case, Giveaway No. 6900 on February 24th.

Friends, it goes without saying – this is one important list! If you’ve submitted timely entries within this timeframe, then you do have entries on the PCH final winner selection list. But, I urge you to claim as many entries as you can before it’s too late! It’s so easy to enter! You can visit PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto,  and at many other sites within the PCH family. You can even enter HERE on the PCHblog!

Remember, ONLY someone with an entry on the PCH final winner selection list for giveaway No. 6900 can win “Forever” on February 24th. If you haven’t entered yet, do it now! And if you have … keep it up! You never know which entry could be the one that changes everything … “Forever!”

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  3. Please add my number for the winner in meridian Mississippi,for June 30 2017, I HOPE THAT THE LORD WILL,FOR YOU’RE ALL TO KNOCK AND BRING ME A CHECK.

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