Check Your Mail For Our Postcard — And Go For A Cool CASH PRIZE!

Hello, my friends!

Did you receive a Postcard from us in your mail?  Let me show you how to use it to go for a nice cash prize in our special 50 CASH WINNERS contest!

 Don’t waste a minute!

Flip over the Postcard and look at the back.

Now here’s what to do …

After that ….

 Piece of cake! You just have to  …


When you reach the next page, you’ll be asked a few registration questions. Click “CONTINUE” AND YOU’RE IN THE RUNNING TO BECOME A CASH WINNER!

So go check your mailbox, grab that Postcard and follow my instructions above. (When you do, something else happens: you’ll also activate an entry for our tremendous WIN $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event!

I hope you win!

Your Blog pal,

P.S. DON’T enter your Activation Code in the Comments section below to enter. Follow my instructions above and copy from your Postcard into the URL/address window on your computer page, click ENTER and take it from there.

P.P.S. DON’T worry if you didn’t get a Postcard in the mail — when we’ve got so many exciting prizes to go for!  Try your luck with our fast-paced Token Games, dazzling Scratch-Offs, our Power Prize at PCHlotto — and so much more! And every game, every contest is fun and 100% free to enter and play .


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  1. Hey pch and crew i would love to win anything from pch got my fingers crossed and good luck to me pls and good luck to the winner

  2. It breaks my heart that I am no longer receiving things in the mail from you all PCH. I have called several times to get back on the mailing list…. I do not understand as I check my mail every day and have not received but one thing from you all in almost two years now…. My address has not changed. SO I am quite confused…