Do You Have to Pay to Claim a PCH Prize?

Greetings, fans and friends!

Do you have to pay to claim a PCH prize? If you’ve won a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, is there a fee in order to receive your winnings?

The answer is absolutely NOT. Not only are PCH sweepstakes and giveaways always FREE to enter, you never have to pay a penny to claim a PCH prize – of any amount – EVER!

In fact, if anyone tells you – either by phone; email; or social media like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram; that you’ve won a PCH prize and you must make some sort of payment in order to claim it, THIS IS A SCAM!

Paying to Claim a Prize? That’s a PCH Scam!

Let’s break it down here:

  • Publishers Clearing House would never ask you to pay to claim a prize of any amount.
  • Publishers Clearing House would never call winners in advance, would never send you a Facebook friend request, and would never engage in any other type of social media conversation with you!
  • For major prizes, the PCH Prize Patrol will deliver your prize check to you in person – along with balloons, champagne and roses.
  • If you are asked to send cash or a check … or purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card or any other cash card – DON’T DO IT! The scammer will ask for the numbers located on the back of the card.  Once they have this information they are able to access the money quickly.  And once the money is gone, it’s gone forever.

There are NEVER any fees to claiming a prize!

If there’s one thing to remember here, fans and friends, it’s that if you become a PCH prize winner, we pay YOU! You NEVER have to pay us.

At Publishers Clearing House the winning is ALWAYS FREE, and there are NEVER any fees to claiming a prize!  If someone tells you that you’ve won a prize, but that in order to claim it you need to give them money for any reason – STOP – it’s a SCAM!

I hope I’ve made this all perfectly clear. At PCH, we love to make entering enjoyable and exciting, we love to award prizes and we love to make dreams come true!

If you believe you’ve been contacted by a scammer, please fill out our Scam Incident Report right away!

Stay safe … and have fun!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve learned one important lesson from this blog, what is it? Please comment below!

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  1. hi yesterday I wrote about a suspected scam and along with other info this is how they are responding also
    On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 1:30 PM, Shonell Greene


    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 11:02 AM, Publishers Clearing House


    could someone reply to this please thank you…

    Inline image

    Dear Esteem Winner Shonell Greene

  2. PCH would N:E:V:E:R. Ask you to pay to claim a P:R:I:Z:E . It’s F:R:E:E and They P:A:Y YOU and never have to pay them , and Major Prize they will Deliver to You in person.

  3. I have been receiving notifications from Award Notification Commission North American Division…William MacDougal, Compliance Examiner saying that 2,000,000.00 will be awarded to me but my fees weren’t included in the last packet I sent off…they are constantly asking for 12.00 fees and 9.00 fees…all of this is inside my PCH packet..The International Award Payment Center is also asking for money…these latest ones are only asking for money, the previous ones are telling me I have to buy something…please help.

  4. I got a message from someone to be Todd Sloane he wrote me telling me that I have to pay $700.00 dollars and gave me a name to send the 700.00 to then he claims once I paid the 700.00 dollars they would be out with a check for 4 million dollars but he want me to send the money to Jamaica, west-Indies then I have two phone numbers to call after paying the 700.00 dollars what do I do? can someone please send me a email at the email below

    1. Hello Sweetpea, we are so sorry to hear that you were scammed! Did you report it to us? If not, please report as many details as you can remember. Here’s how: The Prize Patrol takes the issue of scams seriously and we strive to educate our fans from becoming victims. Please take a few moments to review these Safety Tips so that you can better protect yourselves from being scammed: Stay safe everyone!!

  5. The Publishers Clearing 🏡 the Winning is ALWAYS F:R:E:E and there are N:E:V:E:R and FEES to claiming. 🎁

  6. For Major 🎁🎁 the PCH Prize Patrol,it’s that you become a PCH Prize Winner ,We pay You
    I C:L:A:I:M my. PCH P:R:I:Z:E
    For A Major 🎁🎁 PCH Prize Patrol will deliver my 🎁 to M:E in person along
    with Baloons,Champagne,🌹🌹Thank

    1. Thank you an it would be a blessing from God to spend time with my girls and two grand daughters. One was just born few days ago. I have to work evetyday to take care of my two little ones seven days a week and only seen my first granddaughter probably twenty times an she almost three. I just want a life with them not life away to only pay bills.