The PCHlotto PowerPrize Jackpot is Over $3.6 Million!

ATTENTION! Calling all our friends who want to win a whole lot of money. The PCHlotto PowerPrize Jackpot is now $3,671,875.OO. And this Multi-Million windfall could become yours if you act now!

You better hurry if you want to get in on our biggest PCHlotto Jackpot ever. The next drawing for this incredible prize will definitely take place TOMORROW, so before then you’ll want to make sure you’re entered to win.

But that’s just the start at PCHlotto, because the more you PLAY, the more you could WIN!

We have THOUSANDS in Instant Cash approved to be awarded throughout the week. Plus, you can enter our Nightly Drawings, where we’re authorized to award MILLIONS of dollars! You could enter to win just by picking numbers and playing games. Have you ever heard of an easier way to win big?

Now let’s bring this back to why we’re here, the PowerPrize Jackpot. Just think about how easier life would be! With a $3,671,875.OO PowerPrize in the bank you could afford to live a life of luxury. No more sleepless nights stressing about bills or debt or loans, just living the life of your dreams.

What excuse could you possibly have for not entering to win such a life-changing fortune? All you have to do is pick 8 numbers before the next PowerPrize drawing, which will take place on April 5, and you’ll be eligible to win our largest jackpot ever!

If tomorrow’s drawing comes as short notice for anyone who might have a busy next couple of days, don’t worry. You can always enter to win this PowerPrize with the PCHlotto App! So, if you haven’t yet, go download it for Apple or Android!

I hope this has gotten your attention. This prize is too big to ignore, too important for you not to act now. But if you need more convincing, check out PCHlotto for yourself. YOU could win our biggest PowerPrize Jackpot EVER!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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  1. Claim powerprize numbers now you will you will qualify for the Weekly Drawing jackpot drawing a 7-2 6 jackpot winner have had to claim powerprize numbers and have had to have them added on to this week’s powerprize drawing file this week powerprize numbers claim process valid through July 26th approved by PCH Lotto officials I’m cleaning my entry and all numbers play tonight in last week Lotto PCH clean my entry Millionaire Maker

  2. I would like to claim my numbers to be entered into the powerprize jackpot and all numbers forthcoming afterwards I would like to also claim life-changing prize 7600 to participate in the game and play it Big Money drawing I would like to participate in all 3 games

  3. On June 1,2017 I got 3 pop up messages that read I had won cash on the did I win section on the pch lotto ste. I was so excited I showed my family, I said I won again. About six months ago I had won 499.00 in the token exchange. So I was a believer had every intention that I would receive up to 1600 in total form the pch lotto in 3 to 6 wks.that was stated within the drop drown tab. I’m on a limited income I’m disabled and on a fixed income. So my social security check was in my bank account so I went spending my Money couldn’t afford to spend. I have a 12 yr old and he was graduating the 6th grade, so I got him somethings he was lacking. So to make along story short, on Monday I was getting ready to attend a going home celebration for my uncle that passed on the 31 of may. I called to check on my winnings from thr pch lotto, to my horror and was so disappoint to learn it was an tech error and the guy asked for my name and number an will let me know what they are going to do about the error next week. I stopped playing on pch all together. I gave my sorrow to the lord to work it out. But in all I will continue to play I guess and keeping the faith that pch will honor my winning with a consolation prize of some sort.

  4. I cynthia tillery am claiming pch powerprize #’ S for jackpot 3,906,250,00 im stayng in it to win it .

  5. please explain to me the bonus powerball rules because my winning numbers through out the week match may 4 th draw winning numbers … their not all on one bonus card ..its four cards cards all mach winning numbers how does that work .. if all cards play together then i matched everyone please give me more info